The Data on Waste and Adding Profits Back into Your Business
The Data on Waste and Adding Profits Back into Your Business

Every stylist and colorist who is part of the Vish global community has helped divert a staggering 70,000 lbs of color from being poured down the sink since the arrival of the innovative color management App.  And in doing so, these savvy stylists have saved their businesses nearly $2 million. 

Data released by Vish, which launched in April 2018, has compared the amount of product used for identical services before and after installing Vish technology, revealing a massive reduction in quantities dispensed and in the waste left over. 

"Vish helps colorists refine and perfect their formulas, so they dispense just the right amount for their client rather than over-mix," explains co-founder and CEO Josh Howard. ‘In the past year alone, stylists using Vish have together cut usage by half a million tubes of color; that’s the equivalent weight of five African elephants or 15 Tesla Model Y cars. Ultimately, it means more profit for the business and greater sustainability for our planet.’

Vish was the brainchild of Tim Howard, a salon owner who recognized the tendency of the industry to err on the side of excess when mixing. Tim brought the idea to his brother Josh, who brought the technology to life alongside a talented development team. Comprising a data-driven and intelligently automated app paired with a stylish Bluetooth scale, Vish is able to not only reduce waste and boost profitability; it also allows salons to be transparent about quantities and costs of every color service delivered by the team. 

"By monitoring formulas and waste, our partner salons have been able to slash their unit costs of color, allowing them to reinvest more than $1.8 million back into their businesses," adds Josh Howard, who has prioritized integration between Vish and leading salon software systems to make financial management of the color bar even more streamlined. "Cutting over-dispensing is generating between 25-40 percent reduction in color costs for our salons."

Vish links directly with salon software at the front desk, ensuring all formulas, quantities of color dispensed and cost per gram are recorded centrally. At the next client visit, stylists can mix from the client history, where the precise formula is stored, refined based on what was actually applied, not what was dispensed. By storing the formula based on what was used, the stylist knows exactly what to mix in the future, even if they are doing something modified for a new seasonal look. This ultimately helps them use less product to achieve the same, and sometimes better, results, reduces costs per service which pushes up profits. 

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About Vish: Vish Ltd. is one of the industry’s leading color management software, which includes a suite of systems that effortlessly revolutionizes how salons and stylists run their color business. Based in Toronto, Canada and available for use worldwide, Vish was created to help salon owners and colorists solve the universal problems facing the hair color industry - color waste, ambiguous pricing, and profit margins. Data-driven and intelligently automated, Vish is integrated with multiple point-of-sale systems, giving complete ease to the entire team.

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