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Electric Neon Freehand Coloring Set by Colortrak

Lauren Salapatek | June 23, 2016 | 1:28 AM

Inspired by Colortrak SUMMER OF COLOR, this rubberized collection includes an Electric Neon Freehand Coloring Set (Balayage Board & 3pk Electric Neon Freehand Brushes in four fun color combination options).

Here is what it includes:
Color Bowls: Rubberized finish ensures no slip grip and non-slip bottom. Stackable bowls with measurement markings and handles. Colors come in Pink, yellow, teal and purple.

Freehand Coloring Set: Rubberized handles ensure no slip grid. Slightly curved board with 1 textured side and one smooth side for color versatility. Ultra soft feathered bristles for smooth application in 3 widths. Colors come in pink, yellow, teal and purple. Includes: 1 Balayage Board & 3pk Feather Bristle Brushes

4pK Croc Clips: Rubberized finish to ensure no slipping in electric neon shades. Unique double-hinged design holds large amounts of hair while cutting and styling. Colors come in Pink, yellow, teal and purple.

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Originally posted on Modern Salon.

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