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Renewing Spirits, Awakening Minds: Neroli Salon & Spa Yoga Series

Neroli Salon & Spa, a Milwaukee-area Aveda Lifestyle Salon and spa with five locations, will kick-start its annual Yoga in the Square at Bayshore Town Center on Saturday, June 6, 2015.

Neroli Salon & Spa Owner, Susan Haise said the company is thrilled to bring an opportunity for wellbeing to Milwaukee residents, ”We are committed to bringing health and wellness to the community as it coincides with our mission of renewing spirits and awakening minds."   

Salon and Spa Services

Service Spotlight: Diva for a Day

How can a free service help you grow your business? Plaza Salon in Bernardsville, New Jersey, has connected with the Diva for a Day Foundation, Inc., a national non-profit organization, to provide spa and hair services to select women battling cancer. The positive results invigorate and inspire clients and staff members alike.

Owner: Jessica Walker

Process: Potential Divas are nominated by friends and family and, if chosen, spend a day receiving a manicure, pedicure, facial, makeup application, blowout, lunch and flowers.

Salon Management

Owner's Corner: Breakroom Laboratory

At the beginning of the recession, Sherry Okamura, digital director for Urbaca Salon in Portland, Oregon, tried her hand at product development, throwing ingredients, essential oils and her hand-crafted concoctions on the breakroom table and inviting the salon’s team to give her feedback on a scale of one to 10 by writing on the bottles’ labels. “For almost a decade, Urbaca’s team members were my ‘skinny pigs,’ while I experimented with scented candles and hand lotions, then tested wax balms on their hair and skin,” says Okamura.

Salons of the Year

Announcing the 2015 Salons of the Year

Our 2015 Salons of the Year finalists showcase a new trend in salon decor where cool, clean and crisp design—punctuated with interesting pops of color through furniture and artwork—serve as the canvas for the artistry of hairdressing. The austere backdrop puts the client and her beauty metamorphosis on center stage.

Our Editors and Contributors

Pandora's Box of Social Media: 7 Things You Must Do

Odds are, everyone reading this has opened the Pandora’s Box of social media for their salon. It’s a mistake not to, because there are so many wonderful opportunities inside. However, oncethe box is open, you must be very careful to control what you let out. As a marketing consultant, I find myself spending more and more time helping people rein in many of the negative impacts of social media.

To help avoid letting loose all the evils of social media into your world, make sure you have these seven simple things under control.

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