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Teddie Kossof's E-Store Grows Retail Sales, Solidifies Loyalty

In business for more than 40 years, Teddie Kossof Salon in Northfield, Illinois—or “Teddie’s” as their clients call them—seeks to be a “one-stop-shop” for their clients, more than 2,000 of whom are served weekly at their full-service facility. Under one roof, Teddie’s delivers hair, skin and makeup services while offering amenities from dressmaking to dental care and cosmetic surgery.

Salon Management

How the Apple Watch is Helping Management at Nuovo Salon Group

Terry McKee is a self-professed techie. A few months before the Apple Watch debuted, McKee, who with James Amato owns Nuovo Salon Group in the Sarasota, Florida, region, gave himself a lecture. “I said, ‘Terry, you’re going to put your instant gratification syndrome on the back burner and be a fast follower on the watch trend instead of an early adopter,’—but I found myself wide awake first thing on the day you could first place an order, and had purchased the Watch by 3:14 a.m.”

Salon Management

The Deskless Salon Shapes the Client Experience

A few years ago, Lavish salon owner Kristi Brehm took radical action when she eliminated her front desk entirely. The Webster, Texas-based owner found herself frustrated with the lack of interaction between her clients and front desk staff, but didn’t know how to motivate the staff to get out from behind the desk.

After a lot of debate and discussion with her manager, Brehm knew what she had to do—start over. “I wanted more interaction and more intimacy,” she says. “Clients want to see what’s going on.”

Salon Management

Technology on the Horizon--How Will it Impact Your Salon?

In the July 2015, Salon Today is taking a close look at how some of the latest technologies--Apple Watches, selfie stations, and deskless reception areas--are shaping salon business and the client experience. To be prepared for the future though, salon owners should also have their finger on the pulse of developing technologies assessing how they may shape our the future.

Salon Management

Bii Natural Salon's SEO Marketing Plan Fuels Growth

Bii Natural Salon in West Dundee, Illinois, ensures their business remains a top-ranked online search result by incorporating an SEO marketing plan into their content strategy. Bii’s beauty blog, updated bi-weekly at a minimum, uses Google Ad Words and Google analytics to review trends and determine what topics to cover, ensuring the salon is regularly the number one returned result when one completes a Google search for beauty services in the area.

Salon Management

Selfie Statistics

Think selfies are a passing fad? Well, consider some of these fun facts about selfies, and you might start thinking about how leveraging this behavior might boost your own beauty business:

Salon Management

Cheeky Strut's Selfie Station Ignites Salon Marketing

Nearly seven years ago, Kaite Lyn Christoffersen launched her sassy little salon concept in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Cheeky Strut is quirky, yet feminine, just the way Christoffersen wants clients to feel when they leave the salon. “Cheeky Strut means you’re a little naughty, but you’re adorable, so you get away with it,” she says.

Salon Management

Ulta Beauty's Path to Abundance

With a goal aimed at helping its 4,500 stylists and 800 estheticians achieve personal and professional success while strengthening loyalty to the company, Ulta Beauty launched its Path to Abundance career path program in the summer of 2008. According to Phil Horvath, Ulta Beauty’s general manager and vice president of salon operations, it was a time in the company’s history when they were looking to grow, and he wanted a career system that would help Ulta stand out among other independent salons and even other chains

Salon and Spa Services

Hotel Guests Become Nail Salon Clients at 70 Park Avenue Hotel’s Manicure Concierge

Guests in a hotel are almost always there for an event that they want to look great for, whether it’s a vacation, a wedding or a business meeting. However, after the hassle of packing and travelling, there’s always something that gets lost in the mix – like nails! They have an outfit planned to perfection, but forgot that chipped nails are going to look awful in those peep-toe heels. So, they head to the hotel concierge and ask about near-by salons that offer manis and pedis.

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