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Color Clients, Color Habits

Haircolor services are some of a salon’s most lucrative opportunities, but also among the most technologically complex items on the menu. To achieve beautiful color results, your team’s expertise is critical in guiding your clients’ color decisions. MODERN SALON Media’s new research sheds light on where colorists are succeeding in understanding and communicating with color clients as well as identifying areas of challenge that may surprise you.

Salon Management

How to Groom Your A-Team

Whether you’ve only been in business a few years or are an industry veteran, it’s tempting to spend revenue on updating your space, investing in new technology or financing new client incentives. Although these are all worthy investments, successful owners agree the best return occurs when you spend on your biggest asset—your employees.

Salon Management

How Salons Track Goals

In the salon world, what gets measured, gets accomplished. SALON TODAY asked three salon owners what Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) they measure and review during one-on-one staff meetings.

SALON VISAGE, Knoxville, Tennesse, owned by Belinda and Frank Gambuzza
* Client count
* Average service ticket
* Product units per client
* Pre-booking percentage

Salon Management

Salon Owners Share their Favorite Interview Questions

Owners agree that one of the most important steps in developing an A-team is hiring the right kind of people to begin with. So we asked Frank Gambuzza, Kez Broad and Courtney Costello what their favorite interview question is and what kind of response they are looking for from job candidates.

Salon Management

A Lesson in Real Estate from the Kings

As they say… location, location, location. Now that we’ve agreed to open a salon, where should we put it?   So many great high potential neighborhoods in Brooklyn.

We know the areas we like, but we've agreed not to bet our savings on just our gut.  It's time to find a commercial real estate broker and map out the neighborhoods we love, the broker's experience and relevant demographic data.  

Salon Business News

Unite Takes Business Education to New Heights

In September, salon owners gathered at the Unite Academy, located within the company’s headquarters in Vista, California, for Paramount Business I and II, three days of business classes that walked owners through every aspect of business.

Unite CEO and Founder Andrew Dale welcomed attendees with an eye-opening statement. “Forget you own a business from this moment on, you own a brand,” he said. “Brands with culture have longevity—should you have a walkout, you want your clients to stay loyal to the brand,” he said.

Salon Management

Strategic Hiring

The first step in growing your salon business is surrounding yourself with the right team, says Andrew Dale, founder of Unite who also teaches the Paramount Business program to member salons.

“Finding the right people is about creating a team that fits your business DNA or brand,” Dale says. “They have to fit in your culture in order for everyone to move in the same direction and to achieve your overall business goals.”

Salon Management

Finding Park Place

As vice president of real estate for SportClips, Greg Smith knows a thing or several about selecting a superb site for a new salon. On a daily basis he’s working with area developers to find locations for the franchisees, reviewing market analysis on different communities and negotiating with landlords. Recently he answered some of our questions about site location.

On real estate priorities…

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