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Facebook's New Photo Update Allows You to Tell Your Unique Salon Story

Click, click! We know your manicured fingertips are always snapping pics, so why not put those selfies and creative shots to good use? We’re fans of the power of storytelling, so you better believe we’re taking advantage of the new Facebook app update.

Facebook just rolled out a new smartphone app feature that allows you to upload pictures in real time. Sure, this feature has been around for years, but the unique thing about this update is that it lets you upload stories, which is different than uploading pictures to albums.

Salon and Spa Services

Stats on the Well-Groomed Gent

The art of taking care of oneself has made its way into the daily routine for many men in the United States. From hair gel to pre-shaving oil to eye wrinkle cream, many new products for the care and maintenance of a man’s appearance have been making their way from the retail shelf to the medicine cabinet of men across the globe. And, many more men are crossing the threshold of upscale barbershops and salons to sample both salon and spa services.

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