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5 Reasons to Update that MySpace Page!

What? Did I just show myself as outdated by referencing MySpace in a current article? Well, it’s still out there, along with dozens of other social media outlets and online tools you’ve used in the past. 

Do a quick online search for your own name or company name. Don’t just look at the first page, scroll through a few pages of results. There’s a good chance you’re going to find several links to pages that are outdated. 

Salon Business News

Spa Industry Proves Buying Local is Still Trendy

Buying local remains popular among communities, and spas showed just how popular it is by using local ingredients with the spa industry. At the recent International SPA Association (ISPA) Media Event, nearly 150 journalists visited Gotham Hall to hear from the organization representing more than 4,000 members in 77 countries.

A sampling of ISPA members were present at the event and offered spa treatments to the media. 

Business Builders

How Sensory Branding Can Help Build Your Business

Involuntary Memory describes how everyday life triggers like sounds and smells can recall memories of the past without conscious effort. Elements such as scents, sounds and color can make someone feel like they are a place worlds away, when in actuality, they are physically elsewhere. For example, a coconut scent can jog our memories to a tropical beach getaway, while we are actually at home, just trying to survive sub-zero temperatures in the middle of a Midwestern winter.

Salon and Spa Tours

Architects of Design: The Modern Man Cave

Known as the founder of American Crew and its artistic director, David Raccuglia and Paul Wilson also are the owners of Art + Science, a chain of four salons in the greater Chicagoland area.  As they witnessed the growth of American Crew and the explosion of the global barbering movement, they started studying their own salons, thinking about how welcoming the environment was to prospective male clients.

Salon Management

6 Ways to Woo A Man

When clients walk through your door, what’s their first impression? Do you have posters with trendy women’s styles in the window? Is your décor feminine? Are your products in soothing shades of pastels? Do you have a wide array of fashion and gossip magazines for guests to peruse? That’s great—for your female clients. But they’re only half of your potential market. What are you doing to attract men to your business?

Salon Business News

New Study Indicates Professional Appliances and Shears Sales Up 5.2% in 2014

Manufacturer sales for the professional salon industry’s appliances category grew 5.2 percent in 2014, according to the new 2014 Professional Salon & Pro Beauty Industry Appliances & Shears Study from Professional Consultants & Resources, the U.S. salon and professional beauty industry’s leading strategic consulting, market intelligence and data research company.

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