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Salon and Spa Services

5 Ways to Fairly Determine Pricing for Lowlighting and Highlighting Services

A constant struggle for salon professionals is how to effectively and fairly price services for clients so they feel they are getting a premium service at a reasonable price. Included here are parameters to help set a price on lowlighting, highlighting and *contour color services from some of the Pravana's blonding stylists and hair colorists:

Salon and Spa Services

Growing a New Service Category with Evolve

A long-time friend and client struggling with hair-loss was the impetus for Bruce Fisher, owner of Fisher Experience Salon & Day Spa in Braintree, Massachusetts, to begin researching restoration systems. “At 8-years-old, ‘Mary’ had psoriasis, so a family member put coal tar shampoo on her head and left it on so long that it hardened. She went to a doctor who ripped it off her head, pulling the scalp and hair right off. For 40 years, she wore her hair in a ponytail to cover the hair loss that resulted.”

Salon and Spa Services

Tips for Retailing Skincare for the Holidays

While joyous, the holidays can at times be stressful, making the pampering skincare treatments salons and spas provide especially important. However, the seasonal onslaught of gift shopping and festive gatherings finds clients limited in both time and budget.

So, how do skincare professionals and salon owners ensure a holiday bottom line that is merry and bright?According to Control Corrective Skincare Systems Founder and President Ellen, holiday sales should be viewed not as a challenge, but as an opportunity.

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And the Salon Makeover Goes to ...#Winning

Back in January, I was home 9 months pregnant with my feet up on the couch perusing through my emails.. junk junk junk, delete delete delete, for whatever reason I stopped on this one. It came from Modern Salon Magazine, a publication of theirs, Salon Today Magazine, was hosting a competition. A chance to win a Total Salon makeover. Hmm, “wouldn’t it be amazing if we won”, I thought to myself, as I read the prize package of over $30,000 worth of education, products, and salon furnishing (furnished by Keratin Complex, Takara Belmont, and STX Salon Software).

Salon Business News

SpaFinder Wellness 365 Partners with Wellness for Cancer

Spafinder Wellness 365, the world’s largest network of spas and wellness locations, and Wellness for Cancer, the first organization to establish standardized, objective, cancer-focused training and business criteria for the wellness industry, have announced a partnership that will serve as a bridge for the millions who have experienced or are living with cancer, and the wellness providers who seek to serve them, but may have lacked the

Salon Business News

Salon Design Companies Novvo and Etopa Merge

Novvo, of Toronto, ON, Canada and Etopa based in Baton Rouge, LA, U.S.A have officially merged after years of collaboration and teamwork. Known from this point on as Novvo Etopa, the company will be based out of both Canada and the United States, allowing for elevated support of all North American customers.

Industry News

One on One with Gene Randall

As an award-winning network television journalist, Gene Randall gave viewers a front row experience of history-making events around the world, including the fall of the Berlin Wall, the liberation of Kuwait, the Exxon Valdez disaster and the campaigns of five U.S. presidents. Today, he leverages those decades of experience to help clients of Gene Randall Enterprises with media training, corporate video production, panel moderation and online interviewing.

Salon Business News

It's True! This Shampoo Bottle Grows Into a Coffee Tree!!

When it comes to shampoo, people expect a few things—namely, clean hair, a lovely fragrance, and a good lather. What most people probably don't expect from their shampoo is for their empty shampoo bottle to grow into a tree! O'right's Tree in the Bottle does just that. It features a biodegradable bottle made from a plastic-like starch, which is processed from fruit, plant, and vegetable waste. Once people have finished with this shampoo, they can plant the empty bottle.

Book Reviews

The 5-Day Plan to Bring New Clients to Your Door

In theory, if you want a new client, all you need to do is make your case and ask for the business, again and again and again. Does that approach work? Well…sort of. Ask enough people and eventually someone will say “yes.” But in the process, you run yourself ragged. The time and energy you spend chasing clients could go toward improving other areas of your business. Worse, you end up on a demoralizing “feast or famine” rollercoaster—constantly in flux—where business is either booming or business is a bust.

Book Reviews

You Can Negotiate Anything: Lessons from Wharton School of Business

Life is a series of negotiations. While we may realize this in theory, we probably don’t realize how often it applies in practice. Your lease, prices in big box stores, cell phone contracts, day care arrangements—you name it, it’s negotiable, says Steven G. Blum. The notion that you just have to fall in line and accept the options you’re given is an extremely limiting one.

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