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The Art of Creativity

Service providers and retailers outside the beauty industry have had to compete with the increasing growth of Internet sales. This has resulted in a number of retailers led by Apple, implementing a radical business model that required creative thinking. The same consumers that shop at Apple visit our salons. Today’s salon owner will have to re-evaluate their business model, on how to be more creative.

Salon Management

Caruh's 'We Love People Like You' Campaign

In designing a client recruitment campaign, Cyndi DeSoto, owner of Caruh Salon Spa in Seattle, Washington, started paying attention to the people with whom her team associated.

“In building a relationship business, I wanted our new guests to be people my team would enjoy spending time with,” DeSoto says. “Who are their friends? Where do they spend their time? Where are they most comfortable? It became clear their circle of influence included people in hospitality, teachers, emerging artists and other caregivers.”

Salon Management

On the Grid: Mapping Out Success

Recently, almost every member of the Nuovo salon group (three salons in the Sarasota, Florida, area with another opening in 2015) attended a Qnity + Aveda training session. The program is set up to make tracking numbers more intuitive to the creative, right-brained stylist.

“It’s a very Apple-esque approach,” says Nuovo co-owner Terry McKee (James Amato is Nuovo’s other co-owner). “It’s very simple, intuitive and creative. It’s numbers for creative people and celebrates small victories.”

Salon Business News

Summit Salon Business Center Announces Summit Academy

Summit Salon Business Center recently  announced that they have signed license agreements with four cosmetology schools for exclusive rights to use the name Summit Salon Academy. The academies are located in Gainesville, Florida; Perrysburg, Ohio; Tacoma, Washington; and Tampa, Florida. Additional locations will be announced soon in Oregon and Indiana.

Salon Business News

Millennium's Speak Up Hits Miami

Millennium International announces plans for a second stop for Speak Up, the company’s educational road show, in Miami, January 12. The on-the-go business conference welcomes spa and salon owners and managers to attend, encouraging them to learn from some of the industry’s best business speakers, network with one another, and leave with a business plan of action.

Salon Today 200

18th Annual Salon Today 200: Portraits of Success in Salon and Spa Business

For nearly two decades, SALON TODAY has taken the pulse of salon and spa business through our Salon Today 200 competitions. Each summer, applicants across North America painstakingly fill out pages of detailed questions about every aspect of their business and craft 1,000-word essays in up to 11 different competition categories. Over the fall months, our team dives in, reading and scoring each application, tabulating data, determining the list of honorees and profiling each salon or spa.

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