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Let's Get the Training Started!

As they open their new Hair and Co BKLYN, Shannon and Allyson King develop a solid training program to keep them strong in color and styling of all hair types.

Our Editors and Contributors

The Importance of Medical Insurance

Medical insurance is the single most important thing we need in life to cover us in case we get sick or just need to maintain one’s health. Most people don’t realize the costs of a simple operation or if you slip and fall at the salon or get burned using a malfunctioning curling iron and have to go to the doctor or hospital for treatment.


Lives Changed by Scholarships

Throughout the month of August, Beauty Changes Lives' ScholarTips program is challenging beauty professionals to shape the future of the industry by sharing tips -- both financial and words of wisdom. (Read previous story about ScholarTips). Collected tips will fuel scholarships, helping make dreams possible for future beauty professionals.

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