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Our Editors and Contributors

Danny LeClair's Letter to the Industry and the Clients it Serves

We lost three stylists in our Santa Monica salon recently.

End of day Saturday, they packed a bag and walked out. One took the time to speak to the manager on duty while simultaneously hitting send on an email pre-written to me and my husband/partner. The other stuffed her bag while telling people she was simply cleaning out her locker. The other has not even acknowledged her departure or the seven years she spent with us.

Where did they go? A salon suite that recently opened a quarter of a mile away.

Salon Management

Sharing the Stakes

Through the Salon Resource Group, Peter Mahoney owns 23 salons under five different brand names throughout Canada. Within that salon group, he’s groomed about 20 different employee-owners who each have a stake in the future success of the business. As the president of the Summit Salon Business Center LLC, and the author of the educational CD “Empower Your Profit,” he shows other salon owners how to do the same on a daily basis.

Our Editors and Contributors

Roots Run Deep at the 2 to 10 Conference

As a teenager, I cut my journalistic teeth working at my parent’s small- town, community newspaper. While the last career I wanted to pursue at the time was journalism, it was good pay for a summer job and my bosses were fairly flexible with my hours. I quickly learned though, that being the bosses’ daughter wasn’t always a perk. When the other women in the office had caught up on writing their stories about local weddings, City Hall meetings and social events, they’d start up on a juicy, slow-afternoon gossip session.

Business Builders

A Consultation is More than Asking Questions

To grow a successful business it is necessary to have a strong foundation. The consultation is the foundation for Eryn Harrison, owner of Calm, A Salon in Oakland, California, and a stylist for 18 years. Her entire staff is trained on what calls she calls, “The Art of the Consultation” giving them the skills and confidence to build and service their clientele and be part of the growth and success of the salon.

Industry News

Students Pursuing a Career in Spa Management Can Now Apply for the 2015 Mary Tabacchi Scholarship

Scholarship applications are now being accepted for the 2015 Mary Tabacchi Scholarship for students interested in pursuing a spa management, leadership or entrepreneurship-related career. The scholarship is made possible with the help of the International SPA Association (ISPA) Foundation and a wealth of donations.

“This award, now in its ninth year, has fostered the growth of future leaders,” said ISPA President Lynne McNees. “ISPA trusts this scholarship will continue to encourage and inspire those joining the spa profession.”

Our Editors and Contributors

5 Ways to Grow Your Pinterest Audience (Before & During Your Next Event)

With some of the biggest and best beauty shows right around the corner, we wanted to share one of our favorite (yet underrated) ways to capitalize on social media surrounding an event. Whether you're going to IBS, ABS, Cosmoprof Bologna or all 3 (show stopper!), set aside a few minutes to learn how Pinterest can expand your presence (and while you’re at it, here are some suggestions for recreational activities while you’re in town!)

Industry News

New Course Required For Stylists to Help Spot Trafficking Victims

A new law in Ohio requires licensed cosmetologists to take a course on identifying trafficked women and girls (a form of modern-day slavery where people profit from the control and exploitation of others). Why Ohio? Because of the major highway systems, eight ports on Lake Erie, and proximity to Canada, more than an estimated 1,000 juveniles are trafficked annually in Ohio.

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