Jeff South understands the value of location. In the heart of Marietta, Georgia, he studied the building that sat on a street that transports 62,000 cars a day and was conveniently located across the street from his existing salon. The downside? The space was a former express oil change shop, with the customary garage-style doors, metal and concrete construction and, of course, the obligatory oil pit.

From experience, South knew the area catered to upscale families who relocated there for the nationally ranked schools. Although the children now enjoyed a top-shelf education, many of the parents missed the more sophisticated accoutrements of their previous metro communities. When South looked at the lube shop, he envisioned a stylish and sophisticated salon that offered a visually fun and funky experience he likens to ‘South Beach meets SoHo.’

Today, his vision is realized, as Intrigue’s décor is sleek and clean—predominantly white, with clean edges and angles, accented by splashes of bold orange in light fixtures, seats and eclectic artwork. The space is both ergonomically and aesthetically pleasing, packed with natural light from skylights and windows, clutter-free workstations and a color bar and processing area.

“We believe Intrigue is ahead of the curve in cutting-edge salon design with our anti-fatigue flooring, cordless work area and ergonomic hanging equipment,” says South.

“Our efficient, cross-functional use of the heavily-used reception and retail area sets the tone for a salon striving to maximize value and productivity in limited physical space.”

As for that oil pit: Today, it provides a convenient 1,500 square feet of storage space.