Encinitas, California

Owner: Gayle Fulbright
Salon style: Modern, organic
Square footage: 2,800
Styling stations: 18
Treatment rooms: 1
Equipment: Pavillion
Furniture: DSM Manufacturing
Total design investment: $258,000
Retail line: Eufora
Color line: Kemon
Design: Leslie McGwire/The Pavillion
Architect: Leslie McGwire/The Pavillion

Judges comments:

“Bravo for the added attention to making men feel as though they belong in the space.”—Jercha

“Your goal of modernizing to attract a hip clientele appears successful.”—Koerner

“The over-sized mirrors give the guest the ability to experience the entire space.”—Nunes

“The main feature of the salon is the Lather Lounge which was designed to be it’s own space within a space. It has its own ambient lighting, scented candles, spa-like-music that plays independently from the styling space, and its own temperature control. Truly an experience every visit.”