Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
Owners: Jenny and Alexis Becker
Established: 2013
Salon style: Luxe, Sophisticated and Upscale
Square footage: 1100
Styling Stations: 8
Equipment: Salon D’Ambience
Furniture: Salon Ambience, Kravet Furniture, Mr. Brown's
Total design investment:  $275,000
Retail: Number 4, Living Proof, Phylia de M
Design: Lisa Becker/Becker Associates
Architect:  Brian McCaron
Photography: Lila Photos
Owners’ Comments:
“When a client sits in the chair at one of our eight stations, there is a black, white and lilac painting in front of them. The stylist flicks a switch and the canvas disappears and the client sees her image in the mirror behind. It is a definite ‘Wow’ factor.”
Judges’ Comments:
“This space has an Old Hollywood vibe. From the artwork that disappears to the cappucino bar, Airbar clearly has the client experience in mind.” — Martin
“The framed artwork suspended in front of each styling chair is a unique, whimsical touch that lets clients know they are in a fun and creative space.”  Hillenmeyer
“The salon is warm, youthful and college-like.”  Grissler