“Putting in a laminate hardwood floor that would not stain from hair color and did not need stripping and waxing.”

Bob Steele

Bob Steele Salon

Atlanta, Georgia

“A plasma TV to show fashion videos and before/after slide shows of our own makeovers, plus hair shows that we work. Clients love watching people transform and seeing backstage work at shows.”Suzie Bond

Perfect 5th

Mooresville, North Carolina


“An air-purifying system to remove all salon odors, bacteria and mold. It’s not visual, but it makes the air so fresh that clients feel as though they’re having their services outside. It was a great investment.”

Angela Guido

Daryl Christopher Wellness Salon and Day Spa

Boston, Massachusetts


“Custom-built cabinets and front desk. It was the only way to make our space as efficient as it needed to be.”

Crescent Lomonaco

Salon Monaco

Carpinteria, California


“Recovering the old dryer chairs that came with the shop when we bought it. They just don’t make things like they used to—they’re sturdy and comfortable.”

Beverly Pastorek

Classic Touch Hair Designers

Berwyn, Illinois


“A beautiful, modern Swarovski crystal chandelier. I think that an occasional splurge on a fixture can mean a big return. It makes me happy when I am at work and it makes my clients feel as though they are in a salon that has an eye for detail and beautiful design.”

Jennifer Rabideau

Halo Salon & Colorlab

Fort Worth, Texas


“A very large, wall-sized mirror that seems to double the space.”

Sharon Kotchkowski

New Image Salon

Kearney, New Jersey


“The definition of my salon name on the wall.”

Patti Williamson


Sault Ste. Marie, Canada


“Compact fluorescent lights! Our air conditioning runs far less often due to the lower temperature of the bulbs and they are more than three times as energy efficient.”

Jeffrey LaMorte

Jeffrey LaMorte Salon and Day Spas

Frankfort, Illinois


“We used to have a huge office. We realized it was dead space and not producing revenue, so we knocked out that office, made a much smaller one and added six hair stations. In addition, we built a color bar and added 100 additional square feet of retail space. Now, almost every inch of our salon is producing revenue!”

Sally Zarlinga

Lucia’s...The Salon

Lyndhurst, Ohio


“Chalkboard paint. You must promote special pricing and events wherever you can.”

Jeffrey Kilcoyne

Jeffrey Robert Salon & Spa

Worcester, Massachusetts