The Green Team

By Web Editor | 03/31/2009 3:27:09 PM


 JPMS Green Team members plant trees in collaboration with American Forest.
Sometimes going green can seem a little overwhelming, but it can be easy. Just ask John Paul Mitchell Systems’ Green Team—a group of environmentally conscious employees who volunteered their time to the cause.

“We started in October 2007, with the idea that we wanted to simply make a 10-percent shift toward more sustainable practices, and we started thinking in that direction,” says Veronika Judish, executive assistant to the chairman and head of the Green Team. “In light of the economic downturn, many of these environmental ideas also are efficient ones, and they make great sense from an economic perspective.”

Green thinking doesn’t stop at the office door. The Green Team issues an electronic newsletter that gives employees ideas for taking home green.

In addition, the team worked with American Forest to determine the economic impact of the travel, food and hotel arrangements for the company’s big education event, The Gathering, and replanted trees to offset the impact.

But it’s the small behavioral changes that have made the big, big shift such as:

  • Replacing bottled water delivery service with a water filtration system, saving more than 2,000 five-gallon plastic jugs per year.
  • Replacing single-serving packages of creamer and sugar with bulk sizes, saving the disposal of more than 300,000 non-recyclable creamer cups.
  • Replacing disposable plates, cups and utensils with ceramic, glass and metal, saving 12,000 paper cups, 10,000 paper plates and 36,000 plastic utensils.
  • Reimbursing employees for the purchase of fluorescent light bulbs for their homes.
  • Reimbursing employees for carpooling and using public transportation.
  • Providing staff with water tumblers to minimize use of disposable water bottles.
  • Providing staff with hemp shopping bags to use instead of plastic bags at the supermarket.
  • Purchasing printers that print on both sides of the paper.
  • Recycling all printer cartridges.
  • Installing light sensors in office buildings, reducing energy consumption up to 2.5 percent.




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