Bounce back from a brutal winter by jumping onto the bandwagon of
innovative add-on services and drive your business barometer out of the
red and into the black. Smart new solutions = happy clients, more
services and more money. Don’t get left behind!

Spring Forward with Innovation!

Technology moves so quickly it can feel hard to
keep up, when even a “simple” cell phone choice
can be dizzying. But, sifting through the options
and finding the solution that best meets your needs is
worth it—you end up being better connected and more
productive than ever.

The same strategy applies to your salon business
and service menu. Just as cell phones and other
technologies keep evolving and getting “smarter,” so
do salon services. Consumers and beauty professionals
keep challenging manufacturers to improve speed and
results, and to deliver new options and experiences.

Here, in this special section, we spotlight some of
the most innovative new service opportunities for 2011,
and spell out how you can leverage each to add more
dollars to your business and personal bottom line.

Tell Them “You Have
the App for That!”

Clients are ready for better, faster, more. Establish
your salon as a “beauty innovation authority” by
offering them bright new ideas that introduce
beauty enhancements within every aspect—hair,
skin care and nails. A few tips:

  • Know the story: Script your front desk with time-of-booking suggestions for add-ons that add up.
  • Tell everyone: Be sure every client who calls in
    or walks in learns from your reception team about
    advanced treatments and formulas they may not
    be aware even exist, as well as options to speed
    up familiar services, or that “little something
    extra” just to welcome spring.
  • Cross-promote: Acquaint all stylists, estheticians,
    nail techs and assistants on your team with
    these same selections to discuss with clients in
    their chairs.
  • Market your message: Develop marketing campaigns
    and advertising slogans around the new
    technologies to position your salon as a forward-thinking,
    rejuvenating destination.
  • Don’t forget Facebook! Be sure that your in-salon
    signage, salon menu, web site and social
    media efforts are ALL in sync with promoting
    your “innovation image,” and introducing your
    updated service options.

In other words, to ensure you successfully use
innovation to move the growth pattern of your
salon revenue from red to black, do all you can to
reinforce the message that your salon is boldly
addressing clients’ hair, nail care and skin care
needs and helping them to transition, beautifully,
to a new season.


Stay up to date on all the latest
“beauty apps”! For new service
ideas and product offerings, log

Revenue Revolution

The current explosion of innovation we’re experiencing
in the beauty industry detonates new
bursts of income for your salon. This special
Beauty Biz Trend Report identifies four additional
profit niches that will multiply your spring
and summer dollars. The plus is that exceeding
client expectations generates repeat, retail and
referral business—and that, as they say, is priceless!
Show clients how they can:

  1. Choose their texture. Today there’s no
    reason for clients to complain about frizz,
    excessive curl, lack of body or thinning hair.
    Armed with keratin treatments, conditioning
    services, advanced product formulas and heat
    tools, your clients can have the hair of their
    dreams every single day.
  2. Save time. From quick highlight brightening
    and conditioning services that cut daily
    styling time to nail color that lasts two weeks
    and hair removal that eliminates plucking
    time, you have the answer to one thing every
    client is looking for—more hours in the day.
  3. Raise their beauty to the next level. The
    latest technology offers clients a degree of
    beauty that their mothers (and fathers) simply
    didn’t have available to them. Watch their
    delight as you help them to discover what
    it’s like to have a clean and healthy looking
    scalp, forever-fresh and glossy hair color,
    natural-looking applied eyelashes and customized
    nail shades. And don’t forget the
    guys! Men’s business is booming at many
    full-service and specialty salons, and many
    manufacturers are customizing products and
    service solutions to make salon experiences
    like hair color and other treatments more
  4. Stay safe. Beauty at any cost? That’s
    never in fashion. Salons must be more careful
    than ever to use the highest quality products
    that keep clients and their hair, skin and
    nails free from harm.

New services:
Gloss and Shine
Scalp Help
Priority: Healthy-Looking Hair
Highlighting Help
Smooth and Straightforward
Skin Care Products: Three Sure Things
14-Day Nails