Good design influences psychology

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When it comes to influencing your salon’s sales, your environment plays second fiddle only to your service providers’ retail skills. Eurisko’s Leon Alexander, Belvedere’s Leslie McGwire and Takara Belmont’s Jason DeSantis give us their perspectives on:

How does good design influence consumer psychology and impact retail and service sales?

Leon Alexander, Ph.D.  
“The beauty industry is evolving at a rapid pace. Today’s initiatives become tomorrow’s minimum standards with increasing rapidity. Never has design been more important in seducing and alluring a consumer to purchase a product or service. If we as consumers choose based on design, we choose a design based on emotion. Before we venture into designing a salon, we need insight on how customers think, act and buy. The successful salon should view itself as two businesses that exist in one location—the salon and the consumer location. A salon focuses primarily on service (how you take care of a customer) and services (the activities you offer a customer). In contrast, a consumer location is focused on the consumer’s experience. Two separate strategies should be devised and implemented in alignment with the overall vision. A good retail store, by definition, is designed to expose the greatest amount of goods to the greatest number of shoppers for the greatest period of time. The store strategically places merchandise in consumers’ walking path and field of vision in a manner that invites consideration.”

Leslie McGwire
Western Regional Sales Director and Interior Designer
Belvedere USA
“The purpose of good design is to affect a salon or spa’s bottom line, including productivity, employee/client relationship, retention, as well as retail and service sales. Color and interior design trends change approximately every three to five years. From a pure business perspective, owners should redesign or remodel within this time period because good design positively influences consumer psychology. A good design/renovation alerts customers that you realize image is important. It improves valued customers’ morale—making it easier for them to buy more retail items or get additional services. Unfortunately, if your salon is outdated, it gives customers the impression your styling and cutting techniques, and other services, are too. Generally, a good design and renovation will result in a 25-percent increase in business from retail and service sales within the first year. When combining the increased business sales with the tax advantages, good design is a win-win.”

Jason DeSantis
Regional Sales Manager
Takara Belmont
“The saying ‘never judge a book by its cover’ couldn’t be further from the truth in the beauty industry. The goal for salon owners is to provide an environment where employees are inspired, and clients love to visit and spend their discretionary income. That experience and atmosphere begins with good design; it sets the tone from the moment the guest enters the door to the moment she pays and, hopefully, makes an appointment for her next service. Design can immediately impact a client either positively or negatively. Salon owners need to not only make a great first impression, but also a lasting one. When individuals enter a great space, their senses are heightened. They become excited about the upcoming service and confident in their choice of salon or spa. Good design is just as crucial to the success of a salon as the staff’s creative and technical ability.”

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