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Newest Product
Spa-Salon Manager with Text Messaging
Platforms Windows XP, Vista
Key Features
The Spa-Salon Manager includes integrated e-mail and text messaging to your clients without a per-text charge. Appointment scheduling, point of sale, inventory and hundreds of reports.
Cost $495 for a single user; 4 User—$695; additional users at $50 each
Training The purchase price includes one-year technical support including all software updates. On-site training along with phone training with internet support. Telephone and internet training are free. Utilize remote software to allow to see your screen and talk at the same time. This allows for excellent training sessions that are usually scheduled for two hours each. We do not limit the number of training sessions. On-site training is priced at a flat rate of $1,000 per day plus expenses.
Tech support
One-year technical support is included with the purchase price of the software. Technical support is available from website or from call center.
Special features
The Spa-Salon Manager is designed for small to large hair and nail salons and medical spas. Selling software based upon the number of employee gives you the same software as larger salons without the expense. Online booking allows customers to book appointments 24/7. Customized e-mail artwork allows to submit your artwork request choosing from our supply of professional graphics to incorporate message and logo.

When it comes to running an efficient, productive and profitable business, salon software is your most critical tool. This brief guide introduces you to the software players in the professional beauty industry. (Links below will open in new window)

2010 Salon Software Guide: SpaSalon

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  • Crimpers Management Software LLC
  • Envision
    Salon, Spa and MedSpa Software
  • Floydware
  • Korvue
  • Leprechaun
    Salon & Spa Software
  • Mikal
  • Milano
  • Millennium
    by Harms Software Inc.
  • Salon
    Iris Software by CMJ Designs
  • Salon
  • Salon
  • SalonBiz
    and SpaBiz
  • SalonTechnologies,
  • Salonware
  • Shortcuts
    Salon & Spa Software
  • Software
    Creations, Inc.
  • SpaSalon
  • TouchSuite
    Salon, by Invenstar.
  • Verasoft