Salon Management

Salon Management

9 Marketing Ideas for Valentine's Day

Show your clients some extra love this Valentine's Day with these marketing ideas designed to attract new clients and encourage existing ones to rebook:

Repurpose Remaining Christmas Stock: If you have leftover stocking stuffers from Christmas, try to clear it up sooner rather than later! Convince clients to purchase them as a Valentine’s Day gift for themselves or for someone they know. If the products’ packaging is Christmas-themed, you can sell it at a discount or encourage them to repackage it before giving it to others!

Salon Management

Salon Geeks Consulting Firm Unveils New Sinfully Blonde Business Plan for Salon Growth

Salon Geeks consulting firm specializes in growing salon businesses by exploring series of questions and assessments to develop a SIN (Salon Intelligence Number) profile. Now, they unveil a new Sinfully Blonde business plan, a monthly offering to provide salons and spas with a disciplined, cost-effective, step-by-step approach for developing their full potential.

Salon Management

Culture Corner: Clearly Focused

After reading several great business books like Jim Collins’ From Good to Great over the past year, Oliver Steinnagel decided he needed to spend some quality time with his staff members. Steinnagel who owns Oliver’s Hair Salon in Overland Park, Kansas, with his wife Wendy, starting taking three employees at a time and hosting focus groups.

Salon Management

5 Lessons for Building A New Salon

Over the course of their careers, Arik Efros and his wife Eva Scrivo have opened five salons in New York City. As CEO and co-owner of Eva Scrivo Salons, Efros has negotiated leases, worked closely with contractors and navigated the nuances of a buildout.

Salon Business News

2016 Salon Today 200: The Faces of Success

In any one day, a successful salon/spa owner plays multiple roles. He or she is a host, a visionary, a mentor, a cheerleader, a marketer, a negotiator, an artist, an accountant, a mediator and a community supporter. Individually, each role is vital, and packaged together they create a LEADER.

There’s no question it’s a tough job, and it requires the mastery of a diverse set of best business practices. No other industry competition examines, evaluates and shares what it takes to be a successful salon/spa leader quite like the Salon Today 200.

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The Language of Body

In business and in our personal life, it isn’t the brain people see, it’s our body language and it has either a positive or negative effect. How we stand or greet someone gives people an impression. We are fortunate in the beauty industry, because it enables us to interact by touching other people and our non-verbal communication emits signals to consumers. Equally, it enables us to see what mindset the customer is in.

Salon Management

Keep 'Em Talking to Stop 'Em Walking

The Shortcuts Software team spent 2015 hitting the streets and asking clients the hard questions to uncover that it takes more than just love to make stylist-client relationships last.

As part of its Cheating Client series, the Shortcuts Software team interviewed passers-by on the street about their deepest salon secrets – what turns them on, off and everything in between. The project was designed to help salon owners gain an insight into the wants and needs of their clients – direct from the source. Throughout the project, a few key themes emerged:

Salon Management

Tips for Successful Retail

Today, the average woman uses four to six products on her hair each day. This love affair with products can drive a salon’s success, but only if its retail division is run efficiently and serves the needs of both the clientele and the stylist.


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