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Salon Management

Salon Management

Caruh's 'We Love People Like You' Campaign

In designing a client recruitment campaign, Cyndi DeSoto, owner of Caruh Salon Spa in Seattle, Washington, started paying attention to the people with whom her team associated.

“In building a relationship business, I wanted our new guests to be people my team would enjoy spending time with,” DeSoto says. “Who are their friends? Where do they spend their time? Where are they most comfortable? It became clear their circle of influence included people in hospitality, teachers, emerging artists and other caregivers.”

Salon Management

On the Grid: Mapping Out Success

Recently, almost every member of the Nuovo salon group (three salons in the Sarasota, Florida, area with another opening in 2015) attended a Qnity + Aveda training session. The program is set up to make tracking numbers more intuitive to the creative, right-brained stylist.

“It’s a very Apple-esque approach,” says Nuovo co-owner Terry McKee (James Amato is Nuovo’s other co-owner). “It’s very simple, intuitive and creative. It’s numbers for creative people and celebrates small victories.”

Salon Today 200

18th Annual Salon Today 200: Portraits of Success in Salon and Spa Business

For nearly two decades, SALON TODAY has taken the pulse of salon and spa business through our Salon Today 200 competitions. Each summer, applicants across North America painstakingly fill out pages of detailed questions about every aspect of their business and craft 1,000-word essays in up to 11 different competition categories. Over the fall months, our team dives in, reading and scoring each application, tabulating data, determining the list of honorees and profiling each salon or spa.

Our Editors and Contributors

Avoid Stagnation in 2015

Hooray and welcome to 2015! The dawn of a new year always turns thoughts to new growth and new opportunities. What do you have planned for the next 365 days? Have you thought about it? Or was 2014 a pretty good year in your salon so you’re just planning to do it all over again?

Salon Management

6 Ways You Can Improve Your Consultation Skills

Do you have the client that asks, "Why doesn't my hair look like her's?"

"The answer is simple but lives within the consultation or guest interview," says Colorist and Educator Eric Charles Mokotoff, Hair Studio Artists." Keeping the consult simple and short will show them your confidence and expertise." MODERN asked Mokotoff to give us his rundown on how to conduct the perfect consultation for any client who sits in your chair.

Salon Business News

2015 Salon Today 200: Philanthropy

On a daily basis, the staff of a salon or spa give of their time, talents and spirit to each and every client. When that giving energy is channeled by the business for a philanthropy, the local community or a cause benefits as the salon or spa banks community goodwill. To prove their philanthropic initiatives were well-planned, we asked ST200 applicants to prepare a presentation to their community betterment associaiton which explained how to organize a fund-raiser, using their activities as examples.

Salon Business News

2015 Salon Today 200: Advanced Education

A steady infusion of advanced education keeps a salon’s team on-trend, motivated, creative and at the top of their game. In return, this renewed spirit fuels the salon’s sales and leads to growth. We asked ST200 applicants in this category to make a presentation to their staff memebers that outlines all the educational opportunities the salon/spa will provide for the upcoming calendar year. Extra credit was awarded to salons that implemented programs to cover educational costs and that required staff to come back and share what they learned with the team.

Salon Today 200

2015 Salon Today 200: Recruitment & Training

Recruiting a team that best fits your culture and training them to your exact standards lays the foundation for success in the future. We invited ST200 applicants to write to a graduating student and describe their methods for cultivating candidates, their interviewing processes and expectatiopnsm and the unique stages of their training programs. Extra points were awarded to salons that developed relationships with area schools, sceintfic systems for screening applicants, and creative ways to ensure new hires were ready to hit the floor.

Salon Today 200

2015 Salon Today 200: Retail and Merchandising

One of the most challenging management tasks in the salon is to motivate staff to retail products, but those who succeed quickly discover a path to higher profits. To challenge applicants in this category, we asked them to put together a presentation of their top retailing strategies, including outlining their top campaigns, sharing programs for educating clients and explaining any in-salon retail competitions to inspire staff.

Salon Today 200

2015 Salon Today 200: Compensation and Benefits

While it’s the responsibility of the salon’s staff to take care of the clients, it’s the responsibility of its owner to take care of the team. These salons attract top talent through competitive salaries, attractive benefits, a flexible environment and an energizing culture. To evaluate the workplace environment, we challenged these applicants to tell their compensation story to a local reporter doing a feature on top places to work. They were invited to clearly outline career paths, salary expectations and benefits packages.


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