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Personal Compass: Where's Oliver?

Take a photograph from any salon industry gathering and chances are Oliver Steinnagel is in the crowd. Armed with an amazing work ethic passed down from his German immigrant parents, Steinnagel, who co-owns Oliver’s Hair Salon with wife Wendy in Overland Park, Kansas, seamlessly blends managing a successful salon operation with keeping active in the industry.

Salon Management

SALON TODAY RECOMMENDS: 5 Tips for Effective Salon Leadership

Salon owners juggle more roles than many may realize. From mentor to business strategist, marketing guru to customer relations expert, they have many hats to wear—without even considering any work they may do on the salon floor. As impressive as this multitasking ability is, it is all for nothing if a salon owner overlooks the critical factors that keep clients and stylists happy and inspired. SALON TODAY found a wealth of effective leadership strategies in the articles on

How to Turn Your Front Desk Into a Profit Center

Front desk employees are one of the most valuable aspects of your business. Your front desk should do more than just answer phones, book appointments, and ring-out clients. If that’s all that they do, then they are a cost center: an employee whom you pay to perform tasks. A productive front desk employee is a profit center: an employee who generates revenue for your business. But, how do you turn your front desk into a profit center? The answer is easy: education.

Salon Management

Culture Starts at the Top

The older I get, the less excited I am about collecting the afternoon mail. Bills and junk mail tend to overwhelm anything of interest, and sorting through the stack tends to waste valuable time.

Salon Management

Salon Today April 2016: Culture Club

When it comes to salon culture, business coaches are fond of brandishing warnings to their salon-owner clients: “If you don’t make a conscious decision to define and cultivate your salon culture, it will be cultivated for you—and it might not be a culture you want.”

Salon Management

Culture Club: Bobby Cooper Salon

With a healthy clientele and a happy staff, Bobby Cooper Salon in Indianapolis receives a lot of positive word-of-mouth marketing. Throw in a healthy dose of social media, and co-owner Sarah Cooper says it’s their happy guests who are their best marketing tools. Creating a Unique Environment

But to get clients talking, you must first have stellar customer service and a positive salon environment. At Bobby Cooper, this begins during the interview process.

Salon Management

SALON TODAY RECOMMENDS: 5 Salon Culture Challenges and How to Solve Them

When good feelings and positive dynamics fall apart in the salon, things can spiral out of control quickly. With SALON TODAY's focus on salon culture this month, we're recommending a series of insightful articles on that find solutions to leadership struggles which can lead to trouble if not addressed. When handled openly and effectively, an employee's voiced concern can be an opportunity to strengthen the salon team's relationships with each other and their owners and managers.


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