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Announcing the 2015 STAMP Winners


Print Ads
•    Salon Spa W, Des Moines Iowa:  #(Heart)YourStylist
•    Air Blow Dry and Salon, Mandeville, Louisiana: Life Isn’t Perfect
•    Impressions, Mequon, Wisconsin: The Downside Campaign

Radio Commercial
•    Coco Cheveux, South Portland, Maine: Show Your ‘Stash
•    Trixies, Des Moines, Iowa: Are You Ready to Be Pampered?

Salon Management

Finding the Total Insurance Package for Your Salon

If your salon has ever had to file an insurance claim when a client slips and falls, or when a pedicure causes an infection, then you know how important it is to have the right insurance coverage. But for small businesses like salons, it often seems as though the less you have to think about insurance, the better. That’s why many salons purchase their insurance coverage as a business owner’s package (BOP), at least when they are getting started. After all, it is supposed to provide all the coverage a small business needs in one convenient package.

Salon Management

Wrap it Up! 4 Steps to Successful Retail Sales

In just a few short weeks, it’ll be time to break your winter sweaters out of storage, and haul down your boxes of salon decorations. As you plan this year’s holiday season, Eufora Founder Don Bewley has four helpful steps to get you started.

Salon Management

The Modern Grapevine

The advent of the internet, then social media, has forged an intelligent beauty consumer—one who is on top of the latest trends, who researches product ingredients herself, and who always has an eye out for a value-added service or product.

For salons like Hello Gorgeous! with five locations in South Jersey, frequent promotions have been instrumental in increasing client frequency after guests started stretching their appointments during the Recession.  The salon’s Facebook page has been key in alerting clientele to new promotional offers on services and products. 

Salon Management

5 Reasons to Update that MySpace Page!

What? Did I just show myself as outdated by referencing MySpace in a current article? Well, it’s still out there, along with dozens of other social media outlets and online tools you’ve used in the past. 

Do a quick online search for your own name or company name. Don’t just look at the first page, scroll through a few pages of results. There’s a good chance you’re going to find several links to pages that are outdated. 

Salon and Spa Tours

Architects of Design: The Modern Man Cave

Known as the founder of American Crew and its artistic director, David Raccuglia and Paul Wilson also are the owners of Art + Science, a chain of four salons in the greater Chicagoland area.  As they witnessed the growth of American Crew and the explosion of the global barbering movement, they started studying their own salons, thinking about how welcoming the environment was to prospective male clients.

Salon Management

6 Ways to Woo A Man

When clients walk through your door, what’s their first impression? Do you have posters with trendy women’s styles in the window? Is your décor feminine? Are your products in soothing shades of pastels? Do you have a wide array of fashion and gossip magazines for guests to peruse? That’s great—for your female clients. But they’re only half of your potential market. What are you doing to attract men to your business?

Salon Management

Lavish's Life Stylist Boosts Retail Sales

Kristi Brehm, owner of Lavish in Webster, Texas is serious about retail. She’s removed her front desk in order to get staff out on the floor, greeting clients and assisting them. She conducts weekly product focus classes with her team so they are always prepared to discuss any product. She holds regular huddles with both the front desk and her styling team reviewing goals and retail figures. She’s even arranged one-on-one personal coaching sessions between each staff member and her manufacturer representative.

Salon Management

5 Tips For A Successful Beauty Launch from L.A. Hair's Jonathan Antin

For salon owners and stylists considering launching their own product line, the new reality series L.A. Hair will be of particular interest. On the show, entrepreneur and celebrity stylist Jonathan Antin offered valuable business advice with fellow stylist Kim Kimble, who’s looking to expand her hair care line. Here we take a look at Antin’s five tips for launching a successful startup or product line in the beauty industry.

1. A Good Idea


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