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Smart Tips for Negotiating A Lease

We have a location!!!!  Well Almost.

We met Eddie this morning, and he had an interesting smirk on his face.  While we were negotiating with the existing salon he was working with the owner of the 1,300 square-foot space with full basement and backyard.  We really liked the space, but really felt it was too expensive for all the work that needed done.  

Jackpot!  Eddie negotiated the larger, cooler space for the same rent as the smaller one!  We submitted a Letter of Intent (LOI) outlining our interest in being their tenant and our requested lease terms:

Our Editors and Contributors

Every Client is the Most Important Client You'll Ever Have

We’re all human, so there are certainly clients and projects that we get more excited about than others. Times that we wake up motivated and want to redouble our efforts to be the best we can be. There are also times that we would rather give a bath to a wildcat than deal with the client walking through the door.

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Get Ready for the Gift Card Boom

Running a successful gift card campaign can be a powerful way to bring in revenue each holiday season, time and time again.  Are you ready to reap the benefits of the gift card boom this December? Jonathan Antin, celebrity stylist, entrepreneur and Star of LA Hair, was kind enough to share his top three tips for gift card success!

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Protecting Your Greatest Asset with a Non-Compete Agreement

Non-compete agreements are essential to maintaining a successful business. Customers frequently remain loyal to their stylists, not the salon. Crafting legally binding, non-compete agreements protects your company's most valuable asset: the customer.

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Owner to Owner: The Gratitude Page

Like most Scottsdale, Arizona-based businesses, Aura Salon and Day Spa feels the slump of a slow summer until the snowbirds return in October. “Toward the end of summer, morale can come down a bit,” admits Sarah Wisda, who owns the salon with Christy Vowers and Michael Ament.

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Personal Compass: Keri Davis-Duffy

With three locations in San Diego, California, Gila Rut takes its name from its Owner Keri Davis-Duffy’s Hebrew name. Gila means ‘happiness’ and Rut means ‘freedom or friendship.’

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Find Your Voice: Elaine Travis

When Elaine Travis, owner of Lux Color Lounge in Conshokocken, Pennsylvania, saw a promotional e-mail about the first Stages workshop in 2012, she signed up.

“At the time, I was struggling to get started teaching in the beauty industry,” Travis says.

“I faced my fear of getting up in front of people. It was amazing training. Bonnie Bonadeo brought the emotional intelligence and Alejandra Crisafulli could see my reaction and kept challenging me throughout the program.”

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Find Your Voice: Brenton and Julie Lee

Brenton Lee started his career as an educator when he was only 18 years old and fresh out of beauty school.

“I love to share and be in front of people,” says Lee, who owns Brenton Lee Salon in South Pasadena, California. “I love to inspire and teach, and I wanted to be really great at it.”

So when Lee heard about Stages last year, he got in touch with co-founder Bonnie Bonadeo and signed up. He left the workshop with a better understanding of himself and his desire to be an influencer.

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Find Your Voice: Jeff South

Jeff South, owner of Intrigue Salon in Marietta, Georgia, was already a successful educator for Goldwell when he met Bonnie Bonadeo and heard about Stages.

By opening up his salon space at night for educational events, South also founded and runs Club Intrigue, inviting in global educators and welcoming stylists from all over to attend.

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Find Your Voice

Making a career change frequently requires a major leap of faith. After years of planning events like the North American Hairstyling Awards for the Professional Beauty Association (PBA), Bonnie Bonadeo was ready to take her own leap.

About five years ago, while Bonadeo was still working for PBA, she noticed there were several talented people hanging around with not much to do. The economy had tanked and companies were trimming their education budgets. This left platform artists without a stage to teach on.


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