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Stacey Soble | January 20, 2017 | 12:10 PM
Social media-savvy Stylists Jamie Dana and Jay Wesley Olson are desiging Social Media Magic, a two-day workshop to help stylists, salon owners and managers develop a social media brand and cultivate a community.

Do you struggle with creating engaging content for Instagram and Facebook? Help is on the way.

Stylists Jay Wesley Olson and Jamie Dana have built successful businesses through their loyal followers, and together they are creating Social Media Magic, a two-day workshop where attendees will learn how to create a social media presence that supports their brand and grows their business. Through the workshop, attendees will benefit by learning from Olson’s and Dana’s personal mistakes and strategy killers; they’ll understand how to design a social media presence and solid strategy that can evolve and adapt to the ever-changing nature of social media; and they’ll learn how to expand their community to create a vast, loyal network.

As they were designing their workshop, Olson of Bespoke Salon in Scottsdale, Arizona, and Dana of Pin and Plait in Orange County, California, shared some social media insight with Salon Today.

“This workshop is not just about talent or good marketing. It’s about infusing the two together to create an authentic brand that cuts through the noise to help you stand out,” Olson says. “We want to help attendees create a brand that they can be proud of and stand behind, one that is authentic. Too many salons and stylists make the mistake of posting sales pitches through social media, but that doesn’t engage the audience.”

Dana adds that her Instagram also isn’t just about hair photos. “The hair industry is so image-driven, so the visual platform of social makes it easy to express yourself—but I think to keep people engaged you have to do more than post hair photos. My Instagram is tailored more as a lifestyle page, and features both the things I like from the salon as well as social media tips that other stylists can benefit from,” she says. “I also like using Periscope, Facebook Live and Instagram Stories to teach techniques to stylists. For me, it’s not about the numbers of followers you have, but about the engagement you get.”

While the class is ideal for stylists who want to build their brand, Olson is quick to stress that it’s also great for salon owners, salon managers or receptionists who are responsible for managing the salon’s social reputation. “There’s so much noise right now in the online space,” he says. “It’s our goal to give whomever is cultivating a brand for the salon or for themselves the tools to differentiate themselves in this space and stand out.”

To offer a taste of what’s to come in Social Media Magic, Dana and Olson both offered a social media tip:

Dana: “Your followers want to get to know the person behind your person brand, and it’s important to make an emotional connection. Post photos of yourself and reveal some details about your life from time to time. One great idea is to post a photo of yourself with 10 random facts about yourself.”

Olson: “Anytime I speak about social media, I strive to have attendees feel good about what they are doing and stress that it’s not about trying to keep up with everyone else. It’s more important to stand alone and for yourself. The most important like is yours!”

All of the Social Media Magic workshops will be held at the LPB Studios in Miami, Florida. The workshop price is $750 (before any LBP Rewards discount). The class though is open to anyone, including out-of-network students.

Mon, Apr 10 – Tues, Apr 11 (Jay and Jamie)
Mon, May 1 – Tues, May 2 (Jay and Jamie)
Mon, May 8 – Tues, May 9 (Jamie)
Mon, June 12 – Tues, Jun 13 (Jay)
Mon, June 26 – Tues, June 27 (Jamie)

To register, email [email protected] with “Social Media Magic” in the subject and a member of LBP’s Education Team with sign you up.

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