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New Consumer Study Reveals Clients Desire for Products with Sun Protection

Stacey Soble | May 11, 2016 | 8:08 AM
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As clients start booking their summer holidays, it’s time to start organizing a focus table or merchandising display that spotlights your retail products with sun protection, as well as your sunless tanning services. The Benchmarking Company recently polled 4,500 consumers about their knowledge of sun protection products, as well as their needs and desires.

This resulting infograph offers salon owners some helpful insight into what clients want from their sun protection products. Consider printing this out and sharing with the team at the next salon staff meeting. Talk about ways team members can integrate these facts into their client conversations about sun protection.  

Some highlights:

  • 85% are willing to pay more for products with SPF
  • 73% are very interested in UV protection for the scalp
  • 93% use or buy skincare with SPF
  • 70% use or buy moisturizer with SPF
  • 69% use of buy foundation with SPR
  • 73% prefer skincare with SPF because it’s easily added to her daily routine

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