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Fun Look at ST200 Trivia

Stacey Soble | January 12, 2016 | 8:52 PM
2016 Salon Today Honoree Leif Christiansen, owner of Leif's Hair Studio in Houston, Texas.

Throughout the pages of the Salon Today 200, we commonly view statistics in terms of averages, because that establishes benchmarks that other salons can measure themselves against. But, looking at the total numbers this year’s ST200 honorees posted, shows you what a powerful role this group plays within the realm of professional beauty:

4,839,197 = The total number of guest transactions the 2016 ST200 honorees posted for 2014

916,957 square feet = The total space the 2016 ST200 honorees maintains

7,303 people = The number of team members these salons employ

$385,225,401 = The number of dollars the 2016 ST200 brought in with service and retail sales in 2014


What’s in a Name?

When you’re juggling 200 salon names within your editorial coverage, things can get confusing, especially when names are remarkably similar.

This year, there are five honorees that start their salon name with the Italian word for beauty—Bella Bronze Studio LLC, in Akron, OH; Bella Capelli Sanctuario in Westlake, Ohio; Bella Luci Salon in Poughkeepsie, New York; Bella Salon and Day Spa in North East, Pennsylvania; and Bella Salon and Spa in West Des Moines, Iowa.

Four other ST200 salons leverage earth’s elements—Elements of Style Salon and Day Spa in Eldersburg, Maryland; Elements Salon in Fernandina Beach, Florida; Elements Salon & Day Spa in Fairbanks, Alaska; and Elements Salon and Spa in Wenatchee, Washington.

And, four additional salons get to the root of the matter—Bleu Roots Salon in West Columbia, Texas; Roots Salon in Greendale, WI; Salon Rootz in Medina, OH; and The Root Salon in Phoenix, AZ.

We also had to keep Aura Salon in Jacksonville, Florida, and Aura Salon and Day Spa in Scottsdale, Arizona straight; remember that Headlines—The Washington Park Salon was in Denver, Colorado, while Headlines Salon was in Encinitas, California; and keep from confusing Signature Salon in Macon, Georgia, with Signatures Salon in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

If that wasn’t confusing enough, we had to remember that Stephanie Fox was the co-owner of Adara Salon and Spa in Johnston, Iowa, while Stefanie Fox owns Canvas Salon and Skin Bar in Powell, Ohio.

Then, there were a plethora of salons who played on the taste sensations—Tangerine Salon and Spa in Murfreesboro, Tennessee; Mango Salon in Richmond, Virginia; Plum Hair Atelier in Raleigh, North Carolina; Ginger Bay Salon and Spa in St. Louis, Missouri; Lemongrass in Fort Worth, Texas; and Local Honey in Greensboro, North Carolina in Living

Small Packages

For the first time, salons whose primary services revolve around eyelashes made the list, proving that there is nothing small about this booming service trend. This year, Lash House Beauty Boutique in Livingstone, New Jersey and Integrity Lash in Pasadena, California, graced our list.

On the Map

This year, the Southern United States, which on our map stretches from Maryland down to Florida and across to Texas and Oklahoma, made a big showing—accounting for 40 percent of this year’s applications. Trailing behind were the Midwest at 28%, the West at 17% and the Northeast at 13%. To round it out, 2 percent of applications were received from Canada.

The states that tallied the most applicants for 2016 included Texas (9%), Florida (8%), Ohio (7%), Colorado (5%), California (5%) Indiana (5%) and Tennessee (4%).

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