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2013 STAMP Philanthropic Campaign Winner: Blo

Stacey Soble | September 2, 2013 | 12:59 PM

Raleigh, North Carolina
Owned by: Bryan Nunes

When Nunes visited Australia two years ago for U2’s 360 tour, he noticed all the young men were sporting mustaches. What he first thought was a down-under fashion thing, turned out to be the beginning of the Movember movement, when men grow mustaches throughout the month of November in support of men’s health issues. As he watched the movement grow in the US as his young male stylists grew mustaches and young women taped them on during nights out, he thought it was the perfect opportunity to spark some philanthropic spirit, while increasing social media awareness about Blo, men’s services, and men’s health issues.

For the campaign, Blo developed in-salon signage including table tops, mirror clings and posters, as well as developed fun items for purchase that reinforced the campaign. “We designed rubber mustaches in different colors that were attached to rings so they could be placed over a bottled beverage of choice—when one takes a drink, it looks as though you have a mustache,” says Nunes. “We also created a pack of five coasters for purchase which promoted Blo and Movember. To incentivize stylists to sell the mustaches and coasters, we gave away a pair of shears to the person who sold the most.”

Blo gave $1 to prostate cancer research for every person who posted a picture of themselves sporting the plastic mustache. The promotion ended up getting the attention of some local media and the salon sold 300 mustaches and 500 coaster sets.

2013 STAMP Philanthropic Campaign Winner: Blo 

2013 STAMP Philanthropic Campaign Winner: Blo

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