At a recent two-day photo shoot, Vadre Grigsby, Pravana's National Artistic Color Director. and stylist Sherri Jessee, played with color.  The two worked together to color and style models with new pastels in the VIVIDS demi-permanent haircolor range.  They wanted to show a beautiful transition from platinum blonde to color in a sophisticated fading effect they call "Urban Ombre".   While the VIVIDs range already encompasses a wide variety of shades, Gribsby, who tests and approves all new colors,  was excited about the three new deposit-only pastels being introduced.

VIVIDS Photo Shoot: Behind-the-Scenes with Pravana

"Demis open more doors to color because they are very wearable for the cient, " said Grigsby. "They can be mixed together, they don't last for months and they afford you so much possibility."

After pre-lightening the model's hair, two shades--a baby pink and vibrant purple-were applied.

VIVIDS Photo Shoot: Behind-the-Scenes with Pravana

"The way Sherri placed the color, with the ligh pink first and then the purple, means the pink will feed the purple," explained Grigsby. "If she had done it the other way around the purple would have taken over the pink."

The resulting photos, taken by photographer Julia Kuzmenko, will debut soon. 

VIVIDS Photo Shoot: Behind-the-Scenes with PravanaVIVIDS Photo Shoot: Behind-the-Scenes with Pravana