What's hot in salon services?Leverage these trends that define
the 2010 marketplace to get the
most from your service menu and
to shape recommendations for
your clientele.

  1. CAUTIOUS OPTIMISM: Indications that the
    worst of the recession is over has consumers
    beginning to anticipate more prosperous times.
    Reflecting the gradual and spotty nature of the
    recovery, they’re moving forward slowly and thinking
    through their purchases, but they are buying.
  2. AGELESSNESS: Everything from home decor
    to fashion design is taking age out of the equation.
    Individual taste and needs are driving marketplace
    behavior; consumers will not heed warnings that
    something is “too old” or “too young” for them.
  3. INSTANT ACTION: Very few things are worth
    the wait to today’s consumers. Through online
    “status updates” and texting, they’ve grown accustomed
    to immediate communication, information and
  4. PRACTICALITY: Separating wants from needs,
    consumers no longer use their wish list as
    justification for spending; multifunctional products and
    services that deliver tangible benefits will be in high
    demand. Luxury is still in play when it’s viewed to have
    value, but this year you won’t see much indulgence or
    showing off.
  5. FLEXIBILITY: Consumers want the freedom to
    express all facets of their look and personality.
    They thirst for information in how to transform themselves
    back and forth from day to evening, blonde to
    brunette, long to short.
  6. EMBEDDED GENEROSITY: Between the high
    unemployment, plummeting property values and
    earthquakes in Haiti and Chile, consumers are
    sensitive to the misfortunes of others. They expect
    profitable companies to incorporate giving and
    community service into the everyday fabric of doing
  7. ECO-EASY: People appreciate any simple ways
    for them to do their part in preserving the
    earth’s resources. All things being equal, they will
    choose environmentally friendly products and
  8. URBANISM: City chic continues to draw
    interest. People like to be seen as sophisticated;
    they want access to culture and crave to be among
    the first to learn what’s hot in the music and fashion
    of the street.

What's hot in salon services?CONNECT TO

Delighting clients with new service options and revolutionary products
will give you a competitive edge and land you on top of one more trend
that will continue to dominate: the online buzz. Social networking sites
and online customer reviews give the traditional word-of-mouth an
instant, viral shot of adrenaline that reaches far beyond your community.
Use your own Facebook or Twitter accounts to let them know of new
service opportunities and to share good feedback. It’s your clients who
will be the final arbiters in determining your reputation. Make sure they’re
tweeting with a smiley face.