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Gloss and Shine

On the menu:
Color Touch Glossing

Target client: Market it separately to color and non-color clients.

Innovations: Next Level of Beauty + Speed + Safety

Do the math*
Color Touch gives color-shy clients their first look at hair color, which can convert them to a hair color client, or it can build the ticket for regular color clients. If you charge $40-$75, your potential gross revenue increase could be:
• $40/Color Touch
• 20 clients/week
• $800/week x 52 weeks = $41,600/year

The gentle, ammonia-
free Color Touch
demi-permanent formula
with Light²Color
Complex takes just 5-15
minutes to deliver beautiful,
multi-tonal dimension,
depth and shine
for 4-6 weeks, gradually
washing out with no line
of demarcation. It can
be used alone, as an
enhancement to a hair
color service or as a highlights refresh between color
appointments. The shade palette offers a range of
rich, natural color featuring fashion-forward shades
for every result from gray blending to vibrant red.
It accommodates the colorist’s preference with
application by either bowl and brush or bottle.

“Color Touch is a great way to show clients the
benefits of color,” says Aura Friedman, Wella
Professionals Color Ambassador. “They will see
incredibly beautiful, multi-dimensional results and
added shine that makes hair appear even healthier
looking and still natural. I recommend adding on
Color Touch even if it’s just a clear gloss because it
takes only five minutes and will give that long-lasting
shine for up to six weeks.”

Don’t Miss This

In May, Wella Professionals will launch Brilliance, a
care and styling line for color-treated hair that engages
all the senses for a stimulating experience and
results that you can immediately see, touch and smell.
It leaves hair incredibly soft for an overall luxurious
experience that will help you to retain clients.

Trend Alert

“Wella Professionals remains a leader in salon innovation
and trends by releasing each year’s four looks
for Trend Vision, inspired by everything from fashion
to architecture to technology,” notes Aura Friedman,
Wella Professionals Color Ambassador. “Wella is
also at the forefront of fashion each season by collaborating
with designers in New York, Milan, and
Paris to create the looks seen on the runway.”

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