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Newest Product
PrimeIX Custom Software
Platforms Windows, MacOS X, iPhone, Linux, Solaris, HP-UX
Key Features
PrimeIX allows 100% custom software design for large companies that integrates seamlessly with capable legacy systems, websites and vendors. PrimeIX technology can incorporate human resources, call center, lead generation, advanced scheduling (both online and onsite), full CRM and project management, department dashboards, warehousing and pipeline management. PrimeIX is a full end-to-end system that brings all your departments and subsidiaries on one platform.
Cost Based on client needs; starts at $650,000
Training Customized for client
Tech support
Full offering, customized for client.
Take note PrimeIX can have custom interfaces based on the department of the company, the vendors, clients, leads, and more. This one system can support your store operations, call center, back office, warehouse, manufacturing facility, human resources systems. Advanced intelligence that boost efficiencies and profits by recognizing and responding to bottlenecks, user errors, and even theft. PrimeIX allows all users, based on who they are and what they do, to have an interface that is unique and tailored for their type of use.

When it comes to running an efficient, productive and profitable business, salon software is your most critical tool. This brief guide introduces you to the software players in the professional beauty industry. (Links below will open in new window)

2010 Salon Software Guide: Verasoft

  • ClienTrak! Software
  • Crimpers Management Software LLC
  • Envision
    Salon, Spa and MedSpa Software
  • Floydware
  • Korvue
  • Leprechaun
    Salon & Spa Software
  • Mikal
  • Milano
  • Millennium
    by Harms Software Inc.
  • Salon
    Iris Software by CMJ Designs
  • Salon
  • Salon
  • SalonBiz
    and SpaBiz
  • SalonTechnologies,
  • Salonware
  • Shortcuts
    Salon & Spa Software
  • Software
    Creations, Inc.
  • SpaSalon
  • TouchSuite
    Salon, by Invenstar.
  • Verasoft