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By Ashley Griffin | 11/29/2010 12:38:56 PM


 A complete front desk training manual is essential to your business -- here's how to get started writing your own.
Have you ever thought about setting up a system which guarantees your front desk staff is trained the exact same way on the exact same principle? Setting systems within your salon to ensure a properly run business is absolutely essential.

The best way to achieve this is by creating a custom front desk training manual that helps train every member of your support staff. This manual should contain information, such as general company policies, guest relation procedures, and most importantly, how to sell services and products, and then how to track them for personal goals.

By creating a custom manual, you are providing each member of your staff with uniform training, meaning that every team member will be doing the same exact work at all times. By training your staff to use the same verbiage, check guests in and out the same way, and offer the same additional services, you are ensuring that every guest that enters your building will be treated the same, and more importantly, will be offered the same opportunities.

These are a few areas to develop for your front desk training manual:

1. Your Professional Edge
  • Professional Attire
  • Professionally Speaking
  • Professionally Acting
2. How to Open the Salon (Lights, Alarm, Preparing for Action)

3. How to Strategize the Day (Who's Open, Who Needs My Help)

4. Scripts (Just to Name a Few)
  • Phone Greeting
  • Welcoming the Client
  • Offering Additional Services
  • Confirmation Calls that Sell
  • Opening the Retail Sale
  • Closing the Retail Sale
  • Our Salon Tour
5. Supporting the Service Provider Team
  • Knowing Their Services
  • Booking Times of Service Providers
  • Scripts in Offering Specialty Services
  • Planning the Day for Profit
  • Closing the Prebook
  • Closing the Retail Sale
6. How to Close the Salon (Count the Drawer, Blow Out the Candles, Turn Off Equipment, etc)

A great way to start creating this front desk training manual is to bring together all ideas and previously used training manuals in order to make one master book. Have a brainstorming session with salon owners, managers and senior staff members to make sure that all concerns of the salon and spa are presented and then written into the manual. This can be a lengthy process, but in the end, it's absolutely worth it.

With the completion of this manual, you can now begin training your staff the way you want your front desk to run! From the beginning they are shown the right way to do business, and will be expected to uphold the ideals of your company as displayed in the training manual. To complement your own signature scripts and systems, The Front Desk Doctor Series offers eight hours of education on how to turn the front desk team into extreme customer service and sales experts.

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Ashley Griffin is a front desk customer service and sales trainer for Crystal Focus Coaching. As Ashley pursued her Bachelor of Arts in Social Science, she worked as a Front Desk Coordinator at New Identities Hair Studio of Tampa, Florida. Upon graduation, she bypassed her intended goal of becoming a history teacher, to accept her new responsibilities as salon manager and Crystal Focus coach. To access Ashley's other blogs, CLICK HERE.





ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Ashley Griffin

A front desk customer service and sales trainer for Crystal Focus Salon Coaching. She worked in Tampa, Florida as a Salon Coordinator and Manager at a renowned model and touring salon for Summit Salon. She completely fell in love with the salon industry. Ashley now fulfills her desire to teach others through her responsibilities as a Crystal Focus coach.


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