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By Stacey Soble | 02/06/2010 12:05:00 PM


 In the most creative presentation at Serious Business, Robert Lobetta faced his inside voices by having a candid conversation with himself.

The event, themed "Soundbyte Wisdom: 4 a world moving@warp speed," didn't disappoint, with headline speaker after headline speaker capturing the podium and an impressive roster of breakout options that let attendees design their own experience. 

Though seriously focused on business, the carbon-neutral event showed a lot of heart, as event organizer Carol Augusto and hosts Edwin Neill III and Debra Neill-Baker invited the audience to join them in texting $10 donations to the American Red Cross Haitian Relief Fund. And, a spontaneous football party, with proceeds further benefitting earthquake victims, cheered the New Orleans Saints to their NFC Championship Victory.

Best-selling author Daniel Pink demonstrates how an audience member is motivated by money by asking her to 'sell' his book.

If you couldn't be there, here are a few of the impressive soundbytes from the event:

Best-selling author Daniel Pink delved into what drives top performance, and it isn't money as many would believe. "How creative a person feels when working on a project is the strongest motivation," he said.

Organizational consultant Rochelle Mucha, Ph.D. shared her what her research findings about the theatre can teach us about business. "It's a world where ego, self-direction and individuality aptly describe the players; and respect, connection and interdependency describe how they play," she said. LIsten to my  podcast with Mucha.

 author Peter Sheahan taught the audience to flip their assumptions to understand what really drives buyer behavior. "It's a flexible mindset, not proprietary expertise or resources that define the successful," he said.

INYU Training founder Jeanine O'Neill-Blackwell demonstrated that the quality of our lives is connected to the quality of our thinking. "Look for the answers inside your questions," she quoted. "May your questions be big and may they be powerful."

Generational expert Bruce Tulgan describes Generation Y as the most high-maintenance workforce in history but with the most potential.

Generational expert Bruce Tulgan shed some insight on the Generation Y workforce, which he describes as 'Generation X on fast-forward with self-esteem on steroids.' "The high-maintenance Generation Y calls for strong leadership," he said.
"Managers should spell out the rules of their workplace in vivid detail so GenYers can play that job like a videogame." Listen to my podcast with Tulgan.  

In a creative presentation, Robert Lobetta conducted a conversation with a televised version of himself and led attendees through the journey of personal branding. "I will always be attracted by the unknown and inspired by the undiscovered," he said.

Motivational speaker Tim Sanders focused on the power of positive thinking. "During the first ten minutes of your day, determine how the rest of your day will go--lie in bed for ten minutes and start with three conscious, grateful thoughts," he advised.

(All images by Steven Wolter.)

Stacey Soble has been involved in the conversation of salon business for 14 years—as a reporter, a consultant and as the editor in chief of SALON TODAY.

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Stacey Soble Stacey Soble, Editor in Chief of Salon Today

Stacey has been involved in the conversation of salon business for 14 years—as a reporter, a consultant and as the Editor in Chief of SALON TODAY.

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