Danny Jelaca Salon
Miami Beach, Florida
Owner: Danny Jelaca
Established: 2013
Salon style: Upscale Boutique, Chic, Luxurious
Square footage: 1,200
Styling Stations: 8
Equipment: Takara Belmont
Furniture: Danny Jelaca
Total design investment: $540,000
Top Retail lines: Leonor Greyl, Goldwell, 4ever Smooth
Color line: Goldwell
Design by: Danny Jelaca
Architects: Danny Jelaca
Photography: Robin Hill
Owner’s Comments:
“Inspired by the inside of a jewel box, I designed the salon with elegance from top to bottom. Crystal chandeliers hang from the ceiling and the elegance continues all the way down to the polished, porcelain floors.”
Judges' Comments:
“The clean, simple space gets a dramatic shot of sophistication from the elegant crystal chandeliers, padded walls and reception seating.”—Hillenmeyer
“The overall space is cohesive from top to bottom, and I absolutely identify with the jewel box theme.”—Martin
“Great use of the chandeliers, which compliment the white space and the curve of the styling mirrors.”—Patrascu