Salon Digital Summit: Social Media Success, Step-by-Step, with Mane Addicts

From something as practical as making sure to wipe the camera lens to what kind of content performs well on social, this panel offered great insight on how stylists can use social media to build their business.

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Salon Digital Summit: Personal Branding for Salons and Stylists: Defining Your Voice, Your Reach, Your Passion

The opening panel at Salon Digital Summit hosted by Eric Taylor offered such wonderful nuts-and-bolts advice about social media success with an emphasis on authenticity.

Expand Your Influence: Salon Digital Summit Takes LA in November

The intensive, hands-on learning experience will explore the art of digital and social media to grow a salon professional’s influence and business. VIP attendees will include members of the MODERN SALON Artist Connective, celebrity stylists and influencers.

STAMP 2018: Get Clients to Watch Your Videos With Do-It-Yourself Video Tips

Broome Street Society created its own YouTube channel called BSSTV, and its most popular video to date is a blowout tutorial from owner Josie Sanchez. Throughout the video, she talks about retail items that are sold in the salon and offers helpful do-it-yourself tips.

2018 STAMP: How Salon Rootz's Salon Videos Were Seen More Than 1 Million Times!

Salon Rootz put together three short videos to popular music that showed clips of stylists working in the salon, still shots and product shots. Collectively, the three videos were seen more than one million times on a boost of just $50.

STAMP 2018: How Scott J Salon's Social Media Post Reached More Than 2,150 Followers

Sometimes an opportunity arises to have fun with clients in ways that don’t involve doing their hair. Scott J decided to leverage the spirit of April Fool’s Day with this tongue-in-cheek post, ‘debuting’ their newest salon: Dogue, for the discerning canine.

STAMP 2018: How to Get Creative With Your Social Media Posts

In February, Nurtur posed a correlation between shades of hair and how clients like their coffee. With 173 likes, it was a hit.

STAMP 2018: Get Noticed by Inviting Social Influencers into Your Salon

In an effort to educate everyone about the world of curls (the salon’s specialty), Ouidad Salon hired a PR company to reach out to local Instagram influencers who have at least 10,000 followers to come in for a complimentary color, deep treatment and curly cut service.

2018 STAMP: Boosting Your Presence With Your Salon's Personal Hashtag

Every Friday, the team at RedBloom posts a picture with the #redbloomessentials hashtag, showcasing some of their favorite products or tools with a picture or Boomerang, frequently highlighting a seasonal product or promotion.

Penzone Salons + Spas to Takeover ISBN Facebook

Debbie Penzone, president and CEO of Pezone Salons + Spas in Columbus, Ohio, offers up a Facebook Live tour of the company's newest location, as well as answers viewer questions, during a hijack of ISBN's Facebook feed in August.