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Los Angeles Beauty Executives Tap Mazur Group to Connect and Keep Current

A premiere recruitment agency for the beauty industry, the Mazur Group Founder, Frances Mazur, talks about how beauty industry executives can keep current in today's constantly changing landscape.

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Salon Success Story: Improving Systems, Morale and Hiring with Coaching

In the midst of buying out her partner and becoming sole owner, this salon owner had seven employees walk out. She knew where she wanted to go with her business, but not how to get there, so she tapped into a coaching system,

SALON TODAY RECOMMENDS: Strategies for In-Salon Education & Minimizing Stylist Turnover

What kind of continuing education do you have at your salon? Are you inspiring your employees to reach their full potential? This month Aveda Means Business covers topics from in-salon education to minimizing stylist turnover. Learn some ways on how to attract stylists who are passionate about the business and who will fit in with your salon’s culture.

Help Your Stylists Find their Niche

Be Inspired Salon's Kati Whitledge returns with a blog designed to help you help your stylists find their best niche.

Salon Disegno Designs Clever Recruitment Strategy

When the owners of a four-location salon company identify recruitment as their biggest challenge, they design a clever plan for getting to know the best students to come out of local schools.

5 Ways to Identify and Recruit New Salon Team Members

Every town has that one shop or salon that never has hiring challenges.  This does not happen by accident.

Van Michael Salons Launch For-Purchase Salon Management Kits

Van Michael's Van Council and Susan Dykstra share 300,000 hours worth of salon management experience with a new kit designed to help salons grow.

Salon Today Recommends: Recruiting Students, Maximizing Your Color Business & Retail Tips

At SALON TODAY, we're always on the lookout for best practices and how-to case studies from salon owners on making business more efficient and profitable, and encourage our community to search for and share solutions. Here is a collection of success stories recently added to the Aveda Means Business blog. This series covers hiring strategies, strengthening retail with new promotion ideas, and helping staff grow color revenue.

10 Tips to Recruit From Beauty Schools

Positions need to be filled in your salon ideally with good, solid candidates. Here's how you get them!

STAMP 2017: Intoto's Employee Recruitment Materials

For Juut's new artist salon Intoto, Imaginal Marketing designs a cool recruitment piece, earning the salon a 2017 STAMP award.