Are You Losing Money On Your Toning, Retouch Or Highlight Services?

The more you know, the more you save and the more money you make. That’s true of everything in your business. When you’re informed, you can make informed decisions. Knowing your numbers when it comes to hair color usage is particularly helpful because it’s so easy to over-use product and undercharge for services. Here’s how three salons, with the help of Vish software, were able to analyze the data available at their fingertips to determine which services were losing money and which were producing healthy profits.

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4 Tips to Build a Profitable Salon

As a salon owner, it’s part of your long list of responsibilities to run a profitable salon. Building a profitable salon means providing your team, and yourself, with opportunities for freedom, security, benefits, growth, education and much more! But like most aspects of running a business, it’s not an easy task. Here's some advice from SALON TODAY blogger, Kati Whitledge.

What Salons and Spas Need to Know About the New Tax Law

In December, Congress passed and Trump signed the biggest tax bill into law since 1986. Is this a blessing or a curse for salon owners? Find out as CPA Larry Kopsa reviews the changes with Salon Today.

The Importance of Taking Care of Yourself

As a beauty professional and a certified financial planner, John Lydick is a rare breed. In his first blog for Salon Today, he emphasizes the importance of taking care of yourself--physically, mentally and financially.

How One Salon Owner Built Financial Stability and Improved Culture through Team-Based Pay

Krista Harvey, owner of Studio7 Salon and Spa in Ames, Iowa, describes how converting her salon to team-based pay helped her pull the business out of debt and build a strong and productive culture.

Financial Planning: Making the Most of Your Money

Learn how to make the most of your hard-earned dollars from a financial adviser. Her three-step plan requires you to commit to saving, make it a habit and allocate wisely.

3 Keys to Financial Means

Patrick McIvor says these three things will help you on your journey to financial success.

ShearShare New Partnership Simplifies the Financials for Solo Artists

ShearShare, a global marketplace that allows salon and barbershop owners to rent their excess suites and booths to licensed cosmetologists and barbers on demand, has partnered with Track and First American Payment Systems to provide financial resources to self-employed beauty and grooming professionals who use the ShearShare platform.

The Four Phases of a Sound Financial Plan

Everything looks like a nail if your only tool is a hammer – that’s what financial planning expert Brad Berger finds himself telling clients all the time. What does he mean?“A lot of the people in the financial services ...

The Importance of a Retirement Plan for the Salon Professional

The quality of life you want in the future depends on what you contribute in the present.