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Send Out Some Mystery Shoppers

Do you really understand what the client experience is like in your salon? Marketing Expert Zane Hagy suggests there's a simple way to find out by sending out mystery shoppers, and it's simpler than you might think.

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Why Charging Your No-Shows Makes Good Business Sense

There are those clients who only miss appointments in a true emergency, and those who are habitual offenders. Phorest's Shauna O'Halloran proves that charging a no-show fee actually boosts client retention, while protecting your business from this bad habit.

2019 Salon Today 200: Customer Service

The SALON TODAY 200 honorees, who earned top marks in Customer Service, know that the key is to deliver a consistently strong experience at every point of service, with every guest, at every visit.

Why Our Staff Stays Loyal

In her first blog, SALON TODAY 200 Honoree Christine Perkins shares her tips for developing strong employee retention.

Dos and Don’ts When Communicating with Upset Guests

They say the key to every great relationship is communication – and handling a guest complaint is no different. It’s not ideal to have to communicate with an upset guest, yet we’ve all been there and it’s likely we’ll be there again someday. Here are the dos and don’ts to keep in mind to help you successfully communicate with upset guests.

What Pizza Can Teach You about Customer Service

Domino’s new Carryout Insurance illustrates that you have a problem when a guest is unhappy, even if it’s not your fault. The DiJulius Group demonstrates the value of having an insurance policy for your salon services.

Meet as Strangers, Leave as Friends

How do you own your relationship with your clients? In his first TEDx talk John DiJulius, owner of John Robert's Spas, shows you how to gather FORD on your guests in order to develop a strong rapport.

OWNER TO OWNER: The David Rios Salons’ Secrets to Providing 5-Star European Service for the Country’s Most Demanding Clients

Many of the country’s most brilliant, talented and powerful people live and work in the Georgetown neighborhood of Washington, D.C. They’re politicians, diplomats, attorneys. Also professors and students at the nation’s top universities. So, if you’re servicing these people in your salon, you had better be at the very top of your game.

How to Shape the Mood of a Client Appointment

A simple change in the way you start off a client's appointment can shape her mood, as well as her perception of the overall salon experience. The DiJulius Group's Jess Bound shows you how.

Van Michael Salons Launch For-Purchase Salon Management Kits

Van Michael's Van Council and Susan Dykstra share 300,000 hours worth of salon management experience with a new kit designed to help salons grow.