Salon Leadership

Profiles in Leadership: Laura Boton--Rebel Leadership from an Almost Rock Star

As part of a plan to avoid waitressing while pursuing a career in Rock and Roll, Laura Boton enrolled in cosmetology school--a decision that led her down an entirely different and successful career path. Find out what makes this owner of three Chicago salons a strong leader who values freedom, flexibility and fun.

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Profiles in Leadership: Chad Cantu's Critical Attention to Detail

In our new Profiles in Leadership series, SALON TODAY gets up close and personal with the on-the-rise salon owner Chad Cantu, co-owner of Colorado's Chad+Co.

Profiles in Leadership: FrankJames Dibrino, The Hands of a Hairdresser

As a former jet engine mechanic in the US Air Force, Twisted Bangz Salon's Frank James Dibrino learned to face a salon owner's challenges head on.

Balancing Acts: Motherhood in the Beauty Industry

With her fourth child on the way, Posh Salon's Nadia Duncan discusses her journey toward salon ownership, the critical support she's received from her husband and how she balances the salon versus motherhood.

Profiles in Leadership: Michaella Blissett Williams, Championing Financial Independence and Inclusiveness in Beauty

Between diversifying her beauty portfolio with real estate investments and encouraging her team to be the best they can be, Michaella Blissett Willams is carving an inspiring niche in Brooklyn, New York.

Profiles in Leadership: Mechelle Khodayari, Empathetic Leader and Secret Skateboarder

Get a glimpse into the leadership style of Mechelle Khodayari, co-owner of Aria Salon Spa Shoppe, with two locations in Alpharetta, Georgia, with the first in our new series, Profiles in Leadership.

Leaders Never Stop Learning

In the fourth installment of Kati Whitledge's Leadership Series, she offers a variety of recommendations for salon owners to keep honing their leadership skills.

Salon Owners Share the Mistakes that Taught Them the Most

Business mistakes can be embarrassing, expensive and painful, but when you harvest the lesson within, they also can represent growth opportunities. Heed the advice of these nine owners who shared the important management lessons they've learned.

Krisiti Valenzuela Leads Salons to their Full Potential

At the Data-Driven Salon Summit, Kristi Valenzuela details all the different ways the programs and systems from Salon Summit Business Center can help them grow.

Steve Gomez Invites Salon Owners to Ask "What If?"

At the Data-Driven Salon Summit, Steve Gomez led owners on a path of introspection, then showed them how their goals are achievable.