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Data Confirms Demand for Online Booking

New research shows 46% of appointments are booked when salons are closed, and 43% of Gen Z clients expect salons and spas to offer online booking.

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Are You Raking In 5-Star Reviews? If Not, Here’s How.

You drive by that new restaurant in town and wonder if you should give it a try. Your first step? Grabbing your phone and checking the place’s online reviews. If they’re good, you go ahead and make a reservation. If not, you probably pass. And guess what? This is exactly how prospective clients are assessing your salon.

Talk Data to Me: Salon Owners Define Opportunity, Measure Results at Data-Driven Salon Summit

The only event of its kind, Data-Driven Salon Summit hones in on success metrics, innovative business practices and technology tools to help salons grow.

Switching Software Is Scary. But For These Salons It Was The Best Thing They Ever Did!

For most salon owners, the prospect of changing over their salon software is a daunting proposition. And yet, sometimes the need outweighs the fears and a business owner knows it’s time to take the plunge.

One of Europe's Most Prestigious Beauty Business Events is Coming to Chicago

After a successful 5th Salon Owners Summit in Dublin, Ireland, in January, Phorest takes its popular event on the road with a one-day show in Chicago this April. Discover who is speaking and find out how to sign up.

Phorest's Salon Summit Encourages Owners to Grow in 2019 with Key Business Advice

A cavalcade of top-notch business speakers at the 2019 Phorest Salon Summit in Dublin, Ireland, fire up the nearly 600 salon owners in attendees, preparing them to grow in the year ahead.

Salon Digital Summit: How to Generate Salon Reviews and Respond to Negative Ones

At the first Salon Digital Summit in Los Angeles, Phorest's Chris Brennan helps salons navigate online reviews—mastering the techniques for soliciting for client reviews, as well as handling negative ones.

Increased Retail Sales of 78% in One Week? #SalonRetailWeek Proves It Can Be Done

Inspired by the success of its #30Days2Grow challenge, Phorest Salon Software designs a week-long retail competition, invites all salons to enter, and issues daily challenges to the participants. What happens to these salons' retail sales is beyond inspiring.

A Fun Challenge to Ignite Retail Sales

Following the success of its #30DaystoGrow challenge last Spring, Phorest Salon Software organizes a fun week of daily challenges to encourage participating salon teams to focus on retail, fueling sales.

Can You Predict When A Client is Likely to Leave?

At the Data-Driven Salon Summit, SALON TODAY catches up with Phorest Salon Software's Ronan Perceval and found out how they track data to predict when a client is more likely to leave your salon.