Inventory Management

What You Need to Know to Select Better CBD Products

Whether you're looking to purchase a CBD product to help you deal with the stress of 2020, or you're selecting products to retail in the salon, educate yourself so you know what to look for and how different delivery methods yield different results.

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Inventory Control: Playing the Counting Game

Running a tight control on inventory is an important aspect of salon and spa management software, and an important aspect in your profitability.

When Counting Bottles Fails

Keeping a tight rein on inventory is an important factor in achieving profitability for your salon business, but too many owners rely on archaic systems that too often fail. Find out how to save time and money by tracking inventory accurately and easily.

What You Need to Know Before Purchasing a POS System

Today's salon management software programs come with a lot of bells and whistles, but what are the key features you need to run a growing and profitable business? This blog outlines the essential things to consider before you make that investment.

2019 Salon Today 200: Inventory Management

These SALON TODAY 200 honorees have mastered the intricate balancing act of inventory management--keeping enough product in house to keep the shelves full while avoiding typing cash flow unnecessarily.

2018 Salon Today 200: Inventory Management

On the 7th day of the 12 Days of the Salon Today 200, we celebrate the salons and spas who know inventory management is the supreme balancing act. Keep too much stock and their cash is tied up in the stockroom, keep too little and they miss valuable sales. Meet the 2018 honorees in Inventory Management.

The Art of Suggestive Selling

Rosy Software's Jim Bower is back with a blog filled with different strategies for suggestive selling, which can boost the salon's bottom line.

2017 Salon Today 200: Inventory Control

These 2017 Salon Today 200 honorees understand that inventory control is a balanacing act. Run too low on product, and you miss valuable sales. Carry more than you need and you tie up cash that could be used in other areas of the salon. Find out who won honors for the inventory management.

2016 Salon Today 200: Inventory Control

Inventory Contol is a balancing act. Run too low on product and you miss valuable sales, carry too much and you’re tying up money that could better be used elsewhere. The strongest salons master take tight control, while always creatively ...

Inventory Control in Action

When Tonya Reid and her salon manager Kim Stivers traveled to Atlanta, Georgia, last year for a four-day session of Strictly Business, they had big plans for T. Reid and Company in Charlotte, North Carolina.