Carlos Valenzuela

Why You Should Pay It Forward and Be Someone's Beauty Mentor

The real value of mentoring is sharing you’ve been there, you know how it feels, and you made it, —so, go for it.

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When Do You Fire a Client?

How many “chances” should you give yourself to please a client?

10 Ways to Keep Your Salon Client Coming Back

So, you work in a cool salon, keep up with trendy styles and dress the part. And, you think this is the big reason clients keep coming back to see you? Maybe for a first visit, but to retain clients, it’s the little things that count.

The Little Salon That Could

With no knowledge of how to own or manage a beauty salon, Kimberly Broyles-Meisterhans, a nail tech with a loyal clientele, took over a failing salon with only three employees and one receptionist. Here's her story of success.

Want to Give Back to Your Industry? Consider Visiting a Beauty School

I urge you to visit a beauty school. It doesn’t matter if you feel you are a good teacher or not. Just show how much you love what you do.

What If You Came With Operating Instructions?

What would you list as the things that make you tick or that tick you off?

8 Ways to Keep Salon Employees Happy

When you are happy where you work, daily challenges are easier to bear. In a business where profit hinges on great customer service delivery, salon owners need to shoot for happy employees.

Bringing in Clients With Goodwill Promotions

Goodwill promotions work like homeopathic medicine—a bit slower, but permanently. Just the kind of loyal clients you want.

The Skinny On Salon Jobs: A Beauty Mentor for Students Who Need Beginning Advice and Career Stylists Who Need a Shot of Inspiration

"As a former school owner, I feel for the student who asks for a job at our salon without the interviewing, technical or social skills needed for the job. Although I felt badly, I was powerless--until now."

Is it Time to Reinvent Yourself? 5 Signs It Might Be Time to Transform

Deciding to stick with a situation, or go for something new, is one of the hardest decisions.