7 Salon Professionals on Their Sanitation Practices

New orders shutting salons don't seem to consider the extensive training in sanitation the industry undergoes.

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Reopen Product Roundup: PPE, Partitions, and More

This PPE resource list for salons and stylists includes masks, capes, dividers, gloves, partitions, air purifiers, cleansers, and MORE. Visit the brand sites by clicking through to the brand names in this article to see more options to create a safe and healthy working environment during COVID-19.

How to Show Clients that Safety is Your Highest Priority

As salons around the country begin to reopen, clients will be looking for evidence that their safety is important to you. Now, there's a way to publicly demonstrate your team members have been trained and are adhering to recommended protocols.

Gerry Udell and Blueco, Partners in Beauty

Gerry Udell Inc. represents Blueco's porffolio of brands.

Do you need a Hepatitis B Vaccine?

When a salon owner asks if stylists should be getting Hep B vaccine, Barbicide's Leslie Roste offers an educated response.

Answering To Dr. Oz: Keeping it Safe in the Salon

In his daily talk show, Dr. Oz and Tabatha Coffey recently warned his television audience of a number of ways their health is at risk in the hair salon. We countered by inviting Barbicide's Leslie Roste, RN, to make sure you're up to speed on your sanitation practices and you're prepared to address your clients' health concerns.

Dr. Oz Undercover at the Salon

As Dr. Oz and Tabatha warn consumers of potential sanitary risks at the salons, MODERN SALON Media helps professional brush up on sanitary practices and prepare to address client concerns.