2020 Salon Today 200

2020 Salons of the Year: Nikki|Lay Atelier

From the thin lighting to the two-toned front desk and plush furnishings, attention is paid to every detail at Nikki|Lay Atelier in Frisco, TX.

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2020 Salons of the Year: PENZONE Salon + Spa Polaris

A welcome wall complete with graffiti art and neo letering is a visual cue reminding guests that PENZONE's transcends beauty.

2020 Salons of the Year: Lindsay Griffin + Co.

While the pristine white furnishings and globe crystal chandeliers maintain a posh look at Lindsay Griffin + Co., a fun, colorful surprise awaits guests in the bathroom.

2020 SALON TODAY 200: Directing Your Salon's Success

Before exploring the individual profiles of the 2020 SALON TODAY 200 honorees, we study the collective narrative their data tells us about the professional salon industry.

Lux Salon's Co-op Pop-Up Experiment

Lux Salon experiments with giving employees ownership over retail, which boosts sales while developing important leadership skills.

2020 SALON TODAY 200: Growth (Part Two)

On the 12th and final day of the 12 Days of the SALON TODAY 200, we're so excited to celebrate the 2020 honorees in the second half of the Growth category. These salons master a number of best business practices to propel their growth. These honorees grew their overall sales at a rate of 10.6% of higher between 2017 and 2018.

2020 SALON TODAY 200: Technology

On the 10th Day of the 12 Days of the SALON TODAY 200, we eagerly celebrate the 2020 honorees in the category of Technology. These salons know that technology serves as an additional manager, simplifying systems and processes, communicating and education guests, measuring and motivating team members and marketing to the community for new business.

2020 SALON TODAY 200: Salon Leadership

It's Day 9 of the 12 Days of the SALON TODAY, and we're excited to debut the 2020 honorees in our newest competition category--Salon Leadership. These owners develop a vision for the people they lead, then inspire them to follow that vision. At the same time, they carve out leadership opportunities within their salons so their team members continue to grow.

2020 SALON TODAY 200: Salon Culture

It's Day 8 of the 12 Days of the SALON TODAY 200--a day for celebrating the 2020 honorees in Salon Culture. These salons know that culture is that tangible energy that binds and propels a team, attracts clients, and forges a brand.

2020 SALON TODAY 200: Retention and Referral

It's Day 7 of the 12 Days of the SALON TODAY 200, and time to celebrate the 2020 honorees in Retention and Referral. These salons know that their ability to attract new guests fuels growth, while their ability to get those guests to return again and again dictates their overall success.