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Updating a Brand

Salon Today Staff | April 1, 2013

WHEN THE CELL PHONE STORE closed in the outdoor, mixed-use lifestyle center in San Jose, California, where Kane Bennett’s Atelier Salon and Spa and Atelier Studio are located, she recognized an opportunity to expand the smaller salon and initiate her plans to update her brand

Salon Management

Women of Substance: Karie Bennett

Salon Today Staff | October 1, 2011

WHEN KARIE BENNETT cut her bangs on her third birthday, her family didn’t know she was taking the first step on her career path. And when the young stylist took her first styling job at Command Performance, she hadn’t yet envisioned that she’d own two (soon three) salons, capture the 2011 NAHA Salon Master of Business Award and follow another path by enrolling in the Writer’s Group at Stanford University and becoming a magazine and newspaper writer. “It all seemed to unfold depending on the choices I made.” she says “I wasn’t afraid to take a risk or make a mistake.”


The Room Where It Happened

Stacey Soble | July 1, 2017

The Data-Driven Salon Summit was “a chance to see how some of the ‘big boys’ do it with real-world, actionable examples of things you can implement in your salon to drive bottom line results and have a positive impact on culture.

Management Practices

The Stylist's Champion: Harry D. Wood

Karie Bennett | July 2, 2012

After a successful 20-year styling career and several leadership roles at the Van Michael Salon in Atlanta, Georgia, Harry D. Wood felt that developing an educational program that helped stylists excel at their careers and enhance their income was his next entrepreneurial progression.

Management Practices Karie Bennett, stylist, writer and owner of Atelier SalonSpa and Atelier Studio in San Jose, California
Management Practices

Leading Lady

Karie Bennett | September 8, 2011

In this one-on-one interview, Hollywood’s favorite male grooming expert Diana Schmidtke offers the behind-the-scenes look at her job styling on the set; details her newest adventure with John Paul Mitchell Systems’ Mitch, and tells you what your male clients really think.

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