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Management Practices

Keep the Momentum Strong

Allan Labos | April 5, 2013

As winter continues in Maine, Akari's Allan Labos pens some idea for keeping the momentum strong for staff, spirits and sales in those dreary months. Flag these great ideas and keep them even as you plan for next year!

Management Practices Bart Foreman, president of Group 3 Marketing
Management Practices

Fill Your Chairs

Bart Foreman | July 10, 2011

Those of us who thought the technology revolution would make life easier have certainly been disappointed. Technology, especially as it applies to communications has made life in the fast lane almost unbearable. Thanks to smart phones, Facebook, emails, and the internet, we are wired 24/7. Me time and my time are now OUR TIME. The collective hive rules and we serve the modern guest who is real-time, I want it now, and I want it my way.

Management Practices

Inspiring Champions

July 10, 2011

Inspiring Champions provides proven business systems and solutions that instantly increase service and retail sales, client retention, pre-booking results, income and profit now while having fun!

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