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Salon Management

Alter Your Perspective

Stacey Soble | April 1, 2013

MY HUSBAND JON IS something of a tech gadget nut. He’s a little famous at my daughter’s high school for being the dad who flew the drone with the camera over the crowd at the school’s 24-Hour Relay last year and gave everyone a sky-cam view

Salon Management

Find the Right Salon Space

Salon Today Staff | October 1, 2011

COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE guru, and Vice President of Cursor Realty Corp, Willow Shambeck, works directly with renters looking for the perfect salon space. Here he provides SALON TODAY with tips on what salon owners should consider before buying in regards to market, location and incoming costs.


Guest or Client?

Stacey Soble | May 1, 2019

At the International SalonSpa Business Expo, Eurisko's Dr. Leon Alexander will attempt to change salon owners' perceptions about their consumers, which might just change their sales for the better.

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