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REACH™ Platform Overview

Salon Management

REACH™ Platform Overview

REACH™ Platform Overview

What is REACH™?

REACH™ by Octopi is the Award-Winning, Smart Scheduling Platform for Salons and Spas that Automatically Fills Last-Minute Appointments, Cancellations, and Quiet Times, Guaranteed. This is an AI-driven, POS-integrated resource that acts on your data to book more appointments, drive additional revenue and manage reviews

REACH Revenue Monthly Revenue Guarantee™:

REACH guarantees a minimum of $600-$1400* in additional monthly revenue, which is 4 times return on the platform (4x ROI), or it’s free. *No Contracts. No Commitments. No Setup Fees, Ever. (*Based on subscription level.)

How does REACH work?

The REACH platform is powered by leading-edge artificial intelligence and machine learning systems. By matching POS client data with merchant schedules, REACH learns which clients are most likely to fill open appointments, and automatically sends out personalized messaging and offers to book them and fill your seats. The REACH dashboard then shows your results real-time.

By Octopi