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Ceramic Coated Aluminum Barrel Brushes by Marilyn Brush

Lauren Salapatek | November 12, 2012 | 2:51 PM

Ceramic Coated Aluminum Barrel Brushes by Marilyn BrushThe Marilyn Brush has added new ceramic coated aluminum barrel brushes to their current product lineup—the Hot Flash. These brightly colored brushes come in three sizes for different hair types and lengths, creating different styles and finishes. The Hot Flash brushes are made of lightweight Aluminum barrels and ceramic coated, creating a melting point of 1,112ËšF to help transfer the heat to the hair quickly. The Nylon bristles provide a deeper detangling purpose and anti-static property, giving hair a long-lasting bounce. 

“Looking at our line as a whole, we wanted to give customers a variety of types of brushes and styles to choose from, so the natural next step was aluminum barrels,” says Terrence Michael Renk, Global Artistic Director for Marilyn Brush. “Bringing our distinct hourglass design to the aluminum barrel market gives our customers endless options for use—it is a true hairdresser’s do-it-all tool.”

The Marilyn Brush Hot Flash will be available in November 2012 starting at $26.00 SRP for the 2” size. Marilyn Brush products can be found at leading spas and salons, and at

Ceramic Coated Aluminum Barrel Brushes by Marilyn Brush

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