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Oil and Keratin Infused Cutting Combs

Lauren Salapatek | November 12, 2012 | 9:39 AM

Cricket Company is extending the award-winning Ultra Smooth Comb Collection with the launch of brand new Ultra Smooth Cutting Combs. Enriched with the same nurturing properties, argan & olive oils and keratin protein, the new Ultra Smooth Cutting Combs promote healthier looking hair and eliminate frizz. Purposely designed to accommodate stylists during a hair cut, the new collection also improves hair’s overall manageability. There are four classic styles to choose from, with a salon cost of $3.99 each. These combs can be used while styling wet or dry hair.

These combs are also sanitizable—in order to preserve the oils and keratin in the combs, Cricket recommends washing them in an antibacterial soap with warm water. You also may be wondering, how long does the oil and keratin last in the combs? According to Cricket, the comb itself has an active shelf life of 1+ years.

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