Meet Flint, The Stylish Lint Roller That Will Protect Your Black Wardrobe

Elizabeth Jakaitis | February 28, 2017 | 10:09 AM
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The new Flint Arctic Range, coming March 2017.
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Hairdressers work in close quarters with their clients and coworkers all day, so lint and hair on clothes is a big no-no. But a hair-free wardrobe is a tall order for people who live in all black attire and spend their days snipping strands. Enter Flint, a retractable, reusable, refillable and—most importantly—stylish lint roller. 

Called "the lint roller of the future," Flint removes sweater pill, lint, pet hair and human hair from clothing and other surfaces, like upholstery, lampshades and counter tops. 

The pocket-sized lifestyle tool is made using high-quality Japanese tape that is extra sticky, but not too sticky, and the core is made from recycled plastic. Flint has a durable body to protect tape, and its quick turn knob extends the roller in two twists, then can be pushed down to retract. 

Flint comes in a range of colors, from bright shades to metallic pastels. A new Arctic Range is coming in March 2017. The compact size makes Flint ideal for keeping in a purse or makeup bag. Or, store one at your station so that you can make sure clients leave without hair clippings on their clothes, and prepare yourself for the next client. 

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Originally posted on Modern Salon.