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Bio:Blow Out Detachable Brush System

Anne Moratto | April 14, 2012 | 7:31 PM

Bio:Blow Out new Detachable Brush System features brush styling barrels that change color with heat, allowing stylists to know when they are hot enough to set hair and when they are ready to remove.  Just three steps—heat the brush barrel, set the style with clips and release by removing the clips and barrel from the hair.

Bio:Blow Out Detachable Brush SystemBio:Blow Out Detachable Brush System

Bio:Blow Out Detachable Brush System comes in an easy-to-carry travel bag containing a Detachable brush handle, three Medium size styling barrels, three Large size styling barrels, six Styling clips, one Style Guide and one Thermal Active Blow-Dry Spray.

Bio:Blow Out offers a style guide with step by steps to creating a variety of looks including South Beach Beauty, Hollywood Glam and Soho Chic.

The Bio Ionic Hair Care System was developed by Beverly Hills, CA based Fernando Romero, a world-renowned hair artist, educator, trend-maker and stylist.

Bio Ionic Bio Blow Out Detachable Brush System will be available nationwide April 2012. For more information, call Bio Ionic at (888) 755-6834 or visit







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