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Zenagen Evolve Line

Lauren Salapatek | September 17, 2013 | 12:24 PM

Zenagen Evolve LineThe Zenagen Evolve line repairs damaged hair while stimulating faster growth, which is essential for hair after exposing it to the harsh sun and heat all summer long.

Evolve, a two-­step therapy process, focuses on accelerating hair growth up to 40 percent, and repairing brittle, damaged hair caused from heat. The system uses the pharmaceutical-­grade nutraceutical compounds to invigorate and repair the hair and scalp.

Evolve is made from ingredients including Ginger Root, Vitis Vinifers, and Oleic Acid Rich Emu Oil. Evolve consists of a treatment and hydrating conditioner which you only need to use three to four times a week. After cleansing, leave the treatment in the hair for a full five minutes and then rinse. The final step is to condition the hair. This helps to hydrate, while sealing in the treatment and protecting from inflammation damage caused by the sun.

“My name and my science is behind Zenagen. It would not be on the market if I didn’t stand behind it 100 percent,” says Founder Jared Reynolds. “ I spent years studying nutraceutical science and truly believe this type of technology is the only way to deliver a natural, effective, and convenient solution to men and women suffering from damaged hair caused by heat and the summer sun.”

Evolve professional treatments revitalize all hair types and leaves hair thicker and fuller. To learn more about Zenagen and their products, visit