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January 2019

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Stranger Things

As the owner of thriving people-pleasing businesses, SALON TODAY 200 honorees must come to work prepared for anything, while empowering their team members to act quickly on their feet. When we asked these owners earlier this year, “What’s the strangest thing that has happened in your salon, and how did you and your team handle the situation?” their responses proved my point:

“We recently had one of our weekly guests run her car into the front window of our salon. She is a loyal client who NEVER misses her appointment. In fact, she still stayed for her weekly blowout after the incident. Following the dramatic episode, the staff and our guests were in a state of shock. I ran to the salon and boarded up the windows immediately. We then called the police and our insurance company, and took a fair share of photos, but in typical Frangipani fashion we continued business as usual!” —Shanna Kalynych, Frangipani Hair Studio, Inc., in Jacksonville Beach, Florida

“Two years ago we had a snake come into the space through the HVAC system. We have a floating ceiling so we could see it peek its head out over the ceiling from time to time, but we couldn’t get to it because the floating ceiling did not permit the weight of a human being to climb up on it. The tension in the salon grew as the days passed, and we all tried to make light of the situation. It was just a garden snake, but no one likes snakes—especially in a hair salon. Then the unspeakable happened: The snake finally fell off the ceiling on to a client’s lap while she was getting a hair cut! The universe was looking out for everyone though, because the woman literally thought that the friend she was with was playing a joke and threw a rubber snake on her lap. It bounced onto the floor and because our entire team already knew about the snake, Shayna, one of our quick-thinking designers grabbed a broom and dust pan and quickly swept it up and carried it outside. It was unbelievable.” —Bryan Nunes, Blo in Raleigh, North Carolina

“One of the spectacular things about living in the state of Michigan is the beauty of the change of seasons. That being said, on rare occasions we do get weather severe enough to cause guest cancellations that affect business. On one such occasion while experiencing a blizzard we had a married couple travel to the salon on their snowmobile, fully decked out in helmets and snowsuits, for their services. Talk about loyal guests!” —Mary Randolph, Randolph Salons in Rochester Hills, Michigan

To read more stranger things, visit and search for the article: “What’s the Weirdest Thing to Happen at your Salon?

Stacey Soble 

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