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Salon Today January/February

The 20th annual issue introducing the SALON TODAY 200—While it’s a milestone issue for us and a portrait of the current state of salon and spa success, it’s also a great retrospective on how salon and spa business trends have changed over the past two decades.

Meet the salon and spa owners who captured top honors this year, learn from their winning ideas and observe their stats. Review the data on this year’s class and use our benchmarks to measure your own business success. Then, get your own perspective of how business has changed since the first Salon Today 200 in 1998.

Plus, check in on the progress of our Total Salon Makeover winner Hair Anatomy and learn about a cool new music system than engages clients.

In This Issue

Article Bella Luci Salon in Poughkeepsie, NY.

2017 Salon Today 200: Retention and Referral

| December 8, 2016

Meet the 2017 Salon Today 200 Honorees in the category of Retention and Referral. These owners know a salon's ability to attract new clients fuels its growth, while its ability to get those ame clients to come back again and again drives its overall success.

Article With Mood Media Mix’s new Social Mix feature, clients can use their phones to vote for the music that will play during their salon service—a modern take on the jukebox.

The Contemporary Jukebox

Stacey Soble | December 14, 2016

Mood Media's new 'Social Mix' feature engages salon clients by allowing them to pick the songs that will play during their salon service. Two salons weigh in.

Article The team from Local Honey in Greensboro, NC.

2017 Salon Today 200: Growth, Part Two

Stacey Soble | December 12, 2016

Meet the second half of our 2017 Salon Today 200 Growth Honorees. When a salon or spa masters a number of best business practices, it often fuels its growth. The resulting momentum, as well as the extra resources, often encourage the business and its team to continue to expand as they seek success.

Article The team from 20 Volume Salon & Spa in Gilbert, AZ.

2017 Salon Today 200: Growth, Part 1

Stacey Soble | December 11, 2016

By excelling in a number of best practices, a salon creates the momentum that engages teams, excites clients and results in growth. And, growth in turn provides the resources needed to reach future goals. Here are the first 50 2017 Salon Today 200 Honorees in the category of Growth.

Article The team from Tulip Salon & Spa in Fredericksburg, Virgina.

2017 Salon Today 200: Technology

Stacey Soble | December 10, 2016

Meet the 2017 Salon Today 200 Honorees in the category of Technology. In today's fast-paced world, technology plays a critical role in boosting a salon and spa to the next lever--from communicating with guests, measuring and motivating team members and keeping all systems running strong.

Article A collage of retail displays at Signatures Salon in Lake Charles, LA.

2017 Salon Today 200: Retail and Merchandising

Stacey Soble | December 7, 2016

These 2017 Salon Today 200 Honorees in the category of Retail and Merchandising understand that retail success requires the pull of the entire team--from the owners and front desk team who design promotions and creative displays to the service providers who educate each client.

Article Ginny Eramo, the owner of Interlocks Salon+Spa in Newburyport, MA.

2017 Salon Today 200: Planned Profitability

Stacey Soble | December 6, 2016

Meet the 2017 Salon Today 200 honorees in the field of Planned Profitability. By predicting and planning fo profit and keeping a vigilant watch over expenses, these owners are building sustainable salons and spas that stand strong without relying on their income as service providers.

Article The team Rue 48 in Minneapolis, MN.

2017 Salon Today 200: Inventory Control

Stacey Soble | December 4, 2016

These 2017 Salon Today 200 honorees understand that inventory control is a balanacing act. Run too low on product, and you miss valuable sales. Carry more than you need and you tie up cash that could be used in other areas of the salon. Find out who won honors for the inventory management.

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