Salon Today

April 2016

In April, we’re focused on the hottest business topic of the year—how to create a solid corporate culture. The owners of six salons, including Signatures Salon, Studio Be, Maximum FX, Spa Bleu, Bobby Cooper Salon, and Ginger Bay Salon & Spa, share their proven strategies for defining and maintaining salon culture. They’ll also demonstrate how they use that culture to guide their critical business decisions and share specific activities that keep their teams engaged.  

We also visit Justice and Soul’s Matthew Fairfax to see how he’s offering hope to sex-trafficked victims in Cambodia by teaching them cosmetology skills. V76’s Vaughn Acord shares some tips on driving men into the salon.  Bob Steele Salon’s Amanda Hair offers a personal look at how she successfully multi-tasks. And, Shannon King discusses some helpful strategies for keeping the salon in a constant state of business innovation.

In This Issue


Contemplating the Men's Market with Vaughn Acord

Stacey Soble | March 17, 2016

At America’s Beauty Show to debut V76’s new packaging, Vaughn Acord took a moment to step away from the busy show floor to discuss the opportunity men present salons with Salon Today’s Stacey Soble via Periscope. Below are some ...

Article Shannon King, co-owner of Hair & Co. BKLYN and the newly appointed ambassador of Exthand Shears, offers some helpful tips in driving innovation in the salon.

Innovate or Detonate

Stacey Soble | April 11, 2016

The best and most successful salons are those that constantly innovate, says Shannon King, the co-owner of Hair & Co BKLYN and the newly appointed ambassador to Exthand Shears. In this blog, King offers some powerful advice on how to drive ...

Article "Culture Club" is the cover story of the April issue of Salon Today. To follow each salon's unique culture story, click on each link below.

Salon Today April 2016: Culture Club

Stacey Soble | April 11, 2016

When it comes to salon culture, business coaches are fond of brandishing warnings to their salon-owner clients: “If you don’t make a conscious decision to define and cultivate your salon culture, it will be cultivated for ...


Justice and Soul Offers Hope in Cambodia

Gabrielle Yetter | April 5, 2016

When Matthew Fairfax sets his mind to something, he doesn’t just get it done—he hits it out of the park.The owner of the James Alan Salon in Seattle, Washington, planned to raise $100,000 for a salon and training school in Cambodia ...

Article Amanda Hair, owner of Bob Steele Salons in Atlanta, with her husband Michael and her daughter Mia Rose.

Personal Compass: Amanda Hair

Karie Bennett | February 15, 2016

One might say Amanda Hair’s last name foretold her destiny.As early as high school, the entrepreneurial-minded Hair worked in retail, becoming a store manager before she could legally buy a beer. But as a client at the Bob Steele Salon in ...