Master Lash Separation Techniques with a Free NovaLash Class

Separation is the key to damage-free, long-wearing eyelash extensions; it is the practice of ensuring no lashes are left stuck together.

“Natural lashes can stick together, extensions can stick together and natural lashes can also stick to extensions,” says Zachary Falb, Global Master Trainer for NovaLash. “To ensure the growth cycles of each and every lash isn’t disrupted, lash artists need to do separation. Taking the time to go lash by lash and comb through the lash line painlessly will ensure no lashes are left stuck together.”

NovaLash lash artists separate in rounds – every 25 minutes. Artists can apply multiple lengths of extensions according to the natural growth cycles, but if they don’t perform perfect separation, damage may occur. Falb says a good separation technique will allow the natural lashes to grow and shed according to their natural growth cycles. Good separation will also make lashes look fuller, as it creates space between them.

The goal of separation is to leave no lashes or extensions left stuck together.

“With practice you will be able to separate clients lashes with absolutely no pain or discomfort,” Falb says. “I highly recommend mastering the separation technique to ensure you are offering damage-free, long-term results to your lash loving clients. Your meticulous separation efforts will pay off and raise the standards of the lash industry.”

Here’s a few tips from Falb.

  • Comb over lashes one-by-one.
  • Check down to the roots of the lashes to make sure no lashes or extensions are stuck together.
  • Anchor each lash with each tool and pool sideways to separate any lashes stuck together.

To understand exactly how to separate, watch Falb’s demonstration here, and practice separation in class with your trainer and after class at home.

Get the full training on lash separation in a NovaLash training course.

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