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OPI's George Schaeffer on FOX: Nail Polish Continues to Shine

Anne Moratto | December 6, 2012 | 3:14 PM

George Schaeffer, CEO & President of OPI was interviewed on FOX News this morning on the nail care market.  When asked by the FOX anchor, ‘How’s business?” Schaeffer replied, “It’s fantastic. We’re looking to another great year. We’re up double digits and women are still putting on nail polish. It’s accessible luxury, it’s affordable luxury and in today’s economy a woman wants to go to a salon and get away from the problems of the world and sometimes from the husbands and the boyfriends, you never know.”

The nail polish business was up 39% in 2012 and nail polish revenue is expected to total 1.1 billion this year. If you aren’t offering nails in your salon, what are you waiting for?

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