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Salon Meritage, Scene of Tragic Shooting, Reopens in Seal Beach

Anne Moratto | November 19, 2012 | 12:26 PM
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Lorraine Bruyelle stands behind her client, Pam Holloway, at the salon reopening.
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Sandi Fannin (left in white) and Irma Acosta
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Designer Cynthia Pastor and Salon Meritage owner, Irma Acosta
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List of vendors who donated their goods or services to the salon
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The salon logo in marble, set into the floor at the salon entrance.
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The bathroom wallpaper includes sayings from "Seinfeld", a favorite of Irma Acosta.
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Salon Meritage, Scene of Tragic Shooting, Reopens in Seal Beach"Serenity Now" reads a tile of wallpaper in the newly designed powder room at Salon Meritage.  Serenity, hope, resiliency are all qualities on display at Salon Meritage where, just over a year ago, the salon was the scene of a massacre that left eight people dead.  Yesterday, Salon Meritage opened its doors to a remodeled layout and a renewed spirit of hope.

Last October, when the estranged husband of a salon employee turned his gun on employees, clients and himself, the salon’s co-owner, Randy Fannin, was also killed.

In the intervening year, Fannin’s wife and co-owner, Sandi, sold the salon business to Meritage employee, Irma Acosta. And after much soul-searching, the two women proceeded to plan the reopening of the salon and to work with designer Cynthia Pastor who volunteered her services for the project.   

Salon Meritage, Scene of Tragic Shooting, Reopens in Seal BeachThe salon’s redesign includes custom art and one-of-a-kind wallpaper.   Near the shampoo bowls, Meritage wallpaper features the framed face of a woman, her gaze direct, her hair flying.  In the  powder room,  Irma Acosta’s love of “Seinfeld” sayings (“Not that there’s anything wrong with that”)inspired a cheeky, humorous design .  And in the treatment room, an Earth Mother image has been drawn on the walls.  She is vital and alive with a wise owl perched on her strong arm.   The salon’s new logo is incorporated into the new floor, a marble “M” that welcomes guests at the front entrance

Salon Meritage, Scene of Tragic Shooting, Reopens in Seal Beach“When I met with Sandi and Irma, they said they wanted a peaceful but glamorous setting,” said designer Cynthia Pastor. “Throughout, I wanted to promote life, good feelings and good energy.  I wanted to signify rebirth, resiliency with strong images. “

Donald Schumacher, Senior Chaplain of the Seal Beach Police Department, offered a benediction outside the salon and invited the assembled crowd of community members, salon clients, friends and family to join him in a prayer.  “This place will be a positive place.  This place will be a place where good people can come and earn their living.  This place will be a place where people can come and be cared for.”

The many vendors, manufacturers and friends who contributed to the salon’s opening were named in a sign at the front door.  They included L’Oreal, Salon Centric and Ecolite who donated products, tools, furniture and lighting to the salon.

Salon Meritage, Scene of Tragic Shooting, Reopens in Seal BeachLorraine Bruyelle, a stylist at Salon Meritage,  was showing her client of 20 years, Pam Holloway, her new station and the new layout of stations in the salon.  Bruyelle’s day off was the day of the killings. Both stylist and client were visibly moved to be in this new setting and to be sharing it together.

Salon Meritage

500 Pacific Coast Highway #100  Seal Beach, CA 90740
(562) 754-3900

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