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Farouk Systems Hosts International Distributors

Anne Moratto | November 19, 2012 | 10:59 AM
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Farouk Shami
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Ali Moon, Farouk Brand Manager
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Basim Shami
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Gregg McConnell, Modern Salon, and Farouk Shami
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Farouk Shami and Lisa Marie Garcia
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The Marketing Team
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Farouk Shami surrounded by Farouk models
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Farouk Systems Hosts International DistributorsTHE EVENT:  Farouk Systems Groups Distributor Meeting 2012 held in Houston, TX.  Beauty distributors from around the world—Korea, France, Thailand, Romania—gathered to celebrate the successes of 2012 and to plan for an equally profitable 2013 with Farouk Systems.

THE HOSTS: The mood was set with a party Thursday night at the home of Farouk Shami, Farouk Systems Founder and Chairman.  Shami opened his home to the nearly 200 guests,

Farouk Systems Hosts International DistributorsScott Emery, VP of International Sales, acted as emcee and emphasized the theme of the day: “To engage, to inform, to motivate, to inspire.”   When Farouk Shami took the stage, he welcomed everyone and said,” Our mission started 25 years ago and has continued the same—to improve the life of the hairdresser.   Let us improve the business together, make it more professional, upgrade the level of education for the hairdresser.” 

Shami also announced that his son, Basim Shami, would be the CEO of Farouk Systems while he would be concentrating more on research and development.  “Innovation is the name of the game,” said Farouk Shami.   “I will be focusing on new ideas, new systems and things to make the life of the hairdresser better.”   Farouk recently broke ground on the CHI Lone Star College.

Farouk Systems Hosts International DistributorsFarouk Systems CEO, Basim Shami, was introduced by his father.   “183 days ago, when I joined the company, I looked around and saw a vision of Farouk Systems, of all of us moving in the same direction,” said Basim Shami.  “Anything you’ll need, you’ll always find us here.  We’re here to support you.”

He also said that the “faces” of Farouk will still be the ‘Misses’—Miss Teen USA, Miss USA, Miss Universe—as Farouk Systems continues its commitment to these pageants and to sponsorship.


The Marketing team and Brand Managers shared plans for 2013.  Celeste Maria Figueroa, Amanda Muir and Ashly Meirdirk, Farouk Systems Marketing Team, started out with a review of the 2012 launches including the tool innovation and technology of the CHI Touch Dryer, before moving on to the 2013 introductions.



New  Bio Silk Volumizing Therapy –March 2013

CHI Iron 2nd Generation with red ceramic plates and cord and digital LCD screen—May 2013

Bio Silk Color Therapy—May 2013

CHI Rotating Curler with push button technology—July 2013

Cyndi Lott, new Social Media Strategist, has set up Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram pages for the many brands under the Farouk Systems umbrella, to ensure targeted messages per brand.  “We’ll listen, learn, engage and manage.  It’s called social media of a reason,” said Lott.  A new blog will also launch   as a source for information on products and hair advice. 

 Robyn Kratzer, the new PR Manager, shared some of the PR initiatives for 2013 including another turn on “Celebrity Apprentice” which will feature the Bio Silk Volumizing Therapy line and an appearance by Farouk and Basim Shami.

Brand Manager Ali Moon, the newest team member, said 2013 would be about “reminding the world who we are and why we are #1 in hair care.”

GUEST SPEAKER:  The Farouk Sales Team brought back guest speaker Mike Staver, author of Leadership Isn’t for Cowards.  He took the crowd though several group exercises that reminded everyone that success is a group effort.

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